Friday, May 10, 2013

PopSugar Must Have Summer Fun Box Review

WhooooHooooo!!!! I am in LOVE with this BOX!!!!!

Whew. Okay. Time to calm it.... but seriously, this box is awesome!! PopSugar special Summer edition (now sold out), price $100. This came a couple of days ago and I have had SO much fun with it already!!

Here's the first looks:

And unwrapped!

The first thing I noticed was the sunglasses! I had been peeking all week (obviously, can't help it) and knew that there was going to be a pair from House of Harlow but I couldn't wait to see which ones I got! There are definitely some that I like better than others and I was THRILLED to see I got the Lynn style. This style comes in three colors, mine are Fog. These are totally not the color I would have picked and the metal accent bar across the top is a little weird, but I'm really excited to have something a smidge out of my comfort zone! Retail on these is $148, so with these my box has already more than paid for itself! Yay!

First wear, post-workout in the carpool line at school. Yep. I was the mom sitting in my car doing duckface and taking selfies today... Hahaha!

I was also super pumped to see that I got the Henri Bendel candle in Wild Roseberry ($30). I love anything pink and this smells awesome!

The S'Well bottle ($35) is super cute and makes big claims - keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours, hot drinks hot for 12. We shall see, we shall see. I received one in turquoise, which is the gym color for my little cheerleading all-star, and we will put this cold drink claim to the test in the upcoming Kentucky summer! Good luck, S'well Bottle! And I'll be filling it for me at times with the Starbucks Via Refreshers that were included ($7.28). Bonus!

Some of the reviews I've read are mixed on the Truffle Classic Clarity Pouch ($38), but I will use it tons!! It's such a big, handy size and it will be perfect for keeping phones/keys/etc. dry at the the beach and the pool! I love it!

And the last item, a gorgeous sarong from Sachin + Babi. There are no sarongs on their website, but the cheapest skirt I see is close to $200, so I think the valuations of this that others have given of $50 are definitely on the low side! It's so silky and soft (100% polyester) and was big enough to fit me in all of the ways demonstrated on the card but might be a tough go to get tied around the neck for some!

One final goofy shot of me trying my hardest to use it all at once! LOL!

I realized when I sat down to write this that my box was missing an item, a sugar scrub from Vitabath... Boo. I emailed PopSugar and I'll update with their response when I get one. Even without it my box had a value of $308.28 and is all stuff that I love and will use!

I am very excited to see what comes in the Men's Limited Edition Box next month and the regular PopSugar box for May that will be here next week! If you'd like to try PopSugar, here's my Referral Link and you can use the code REFER5 for $5 off your first box! If you want to really go for it, I think these two codes still work for new subscriptions: GET10 for $10 off three month sub, GET25 for $25 off 6 month sub (brings it down to only $27.50/month! Wish I had used this one!!). So fun!!

** UPDATE ** It took a couple of days but I got a reply about the missing Vitabath scrub. PopSugar said they are out of stock on it but expecting more and will ship me one ASAP! Will update again when it's received! :)

** UPDATE ON THE UPDATE ** When I got back in town today, 5/19, the Vitabath scrub was with all of my accumulated mail that was waiting on me and included a super nice card! Thanks PopSugar! LOVE great customer service!!

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