Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Local Box May Review

Out of the subscription boxes I'm expecting this month, I think I've been most excited about this one! It is such a unique concept and, of course, so close to my heart! Our Local Box offers a subscription service that "features a curated collection of Kentucky-made products." I LOVE anything that's made in the USA, much less made right here in KY! I was sorry I missed the inaugural box from this company last month but signed right up for a 3 month subscription - and bought my mom in Arkansas one, too, for mother's day!

My box was HAND-DELIVERED yesterday, placed lovingly in display mode in the corner of my front door! Yay! Treats!! Here's first looks:

The information card inside the lid is adorbs. Gives a little perspective on how Derby obsessed we've all been for the last few weeks, gives plenty of info on products (but not TOO much! ;).

Of course the first thing I dove for was the Banana Pudding Fudge ($8) by Cellar Door Chocolates, made right here in Louisville, KY! I've been a fan of Cellar Door for a while now and love trying all the unusual flavors they come up with, like cayenne pepper and green chile coconut truffles! I KNEW this was going to be delicious but I wasn't prepared for HOW delicious. OMG. It's described as "a rich juxtaposition of banana and crispy vanilla wafers that will leave you in a sugary coma." No coma for me, I'm a sugar pro! haha, but this piece disappeared pretty quickly! My afternoon brought occasional texts from my mom as she tried to slow herself by eating one little slice at a time (I would bet the house that hers is all gone this morning, too! LOL!). Don't hesitate. Buy it now. It's one of the best desserts I've ever eaten!

I'm also super excited about the two natural, handcrafted products from Rituals By Nature, a company in Florence, KY.

Magick Skin Balm ($7.50) is supposed to work on everything from scrapes and new tattoos to eczema and psoriasis. I've got it sitting in my kitchen, going to use it daily in hopes of some "magick" on my cuticles! ;) It smells DIVINE.... formulated with olive oil, organic beeswax, cocoa butter, lavender, vitamin E and dragon's blood. I adore it already for smell alone!

Carnelian Lip Balm ($6) is a best seller for RBN and I can see why! Comprised of beeswax, cocoa butter, honey, dragon's blood, vitamins and oils, it is SO smooth and creamy and also smells like HEAVEN - a mix of honey, orange and cocoa butter. I loved letting my kiddos try it, knowing how clean and pure the formula is, and they LOVE it too!!

The final item is Cherry Rose Green Tea sachets ($10.50) by Elmwood Inn Fine Teas in Danville, KY. We got talked into buying a massive amount of tea in Beijing a while back and have had PLENTY of tea around here for a while, especially considering that the hubs is the only tea drinker in the house. But these little pyramid sachets are gorgeous and smell wonderful! Maybe they will finally convince me to give up my massive morning coffee consumption and make the switch (probably not!).

Altogether this box had a value of $32 and the two subscriptions I purchased had a price per box of $30 (with tax in KY) and $28.30 (shipped out of state). Value was good for me! I LOVE getting a chance to learn about and try items made so close to home! I think this is an awesome way to support small business and try super unique products regardless of where you live! My mom and I can't wait to see what comes in June!


  1. I live in Ca but I'm so tempted to sign up for this box.

    1. It's been really fun and interesting so far!! Check out the review of June's box that I put up today!