Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Recap!

What a crazy and busy weekend!! We started out with a fun date night on Friday. Awesome dinner at Hammerheads (review coming soon!) and from there we went to a fun fashion event, The Luxe Men's Fashion Experience, benefitting Blessings in a Backpack. So... what to wear??

* Richard Chai Silk Romper
* Alan Anderson necklace
* Marc Jacobs clutch
* Calvin Klein thigh high boots

Quick drink at Baxter's on the way!

This two night event showcased current fashion trends and highlighted Louisville businesses. The second night was an all-menswear show and was divided into segments covering various lifestyle looks - from suits to casual to shirtless. One of the best parts was listening to the women in the audience hooting over the models! Good times! LOL!

A couple of women showing the men how it's done!

An interesting presentation of fashion via light effects

Topless finale ;)

Mr. Style Icon himself, and event mastermind, Andre Wilson

Saturday consisted of University of Louisville football then a Teen Beach Movie recreation on our driveway... OMG. This turned into a make-your-own movie experience that needs to be edited then shared. These kids are such hams! LOL!

Sunday saw the start of cheer season for my little one. I hate - HATE - cold weather and I'm always so glad to have all of the girls' events to keep us busy and make the fall and winter fly! She's the youngest member on a Junior Level 2 team this year and has worked so hard at mastering all of her new skills! They rocked it out and won first place! So proud and so much fun! 

Always so silly! LOL

And now it's suddenly Monday again! Lots of subscription box review coming this week! Hope everyone has an amazing Monday!! :D

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