Monday, August 12, 2013

Product Review: Prestiche Lavender Body Butter

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So, I won a contest over at MommySplurge a while back and one of the prizes was a gift certificate to This was a new brand to me and, wowza, the stuff is expensive. It's interesting that the website doesn't appear to be working?? Wonder if they've already gone under??

I decided to try a body butter, because I LOVE myself a good body butter, and this one has to be FANTASTIC for this price, right?? The jar was $30 I think, which my gift card covered, but I had to pay $12 shipping.... really??? OK.... I'm expecting this to be a big tub of the best stuff ever. And then the box came and the jar is itty bitty...

3.2 ounces for $30? Yikes. Well, the ingredient list is short and understandable, which is nice.

The lavender smell is fantastic and the stuff is RICH. It has chunks that you have to really massage in to get it all to "melt" and even then it leaves a pretty greasy sheen on your skin. I put in on before bed and found greasy traces on the sheets in the morning... gross. 

Would I buy it again? Nope. Especially not for this high price but probably not at a cheaper price, either, for what a mess it wound up making. It definitely is very moisturizing, but I don't want my products getting EVERYWHERE, you know?? Was fun to try, though! So, thanks, Brandy!! :)


  1. ummmmm you're welcome? :) what a bummer!!!!

    1. haha! Ikr? It's always fun to try something new, though!! :)