Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ciate' Very Colourfoil Manicure Kit Review

I was really excited to see this Ciate' manicure kit in my November Kelly Rowland Fancy box! I've seen lots of these kits around and have been curious about trying them! 

I was super impressed with the contents when I opened up the package. Everything looks so organized and high quality! 

The supplies! With my own Base and top coats! ;)

Here are the steps to the Colourfoil manicure:

Two coats of the base polish (LOVE this bubblegum pink!)

Dot on the included glue where you would like the foil to be. Wait a minute (or two) until it partially dries and is clear

Press the foil sheet on the nail, colour side up

Voila! Repeat with other colours if desired

After a second layer with the green foil

And the end result:

Turned out pretty cute! My girls absolutely love the look and I've gotten lots of comments on it! I am surprised at how MANY times you could do this with the supplies included! The package includes 30 foil sheets and I did all 10 nails and only used a small portion of TWO sheets! SO much stuff to experiment with over and over! 


  1. The nails look fantastic!! I got this kit too and was going to use the green and blue foil as well, Seattle Seahawk colors, but my glue was all dried out. Bummer.

    1. You know, I don't think the specific glue is that essential. The times that I had a lot of glue on a nail, it kind of messed up. It really just needs a tiny little bit of something sticky. I was thinking while I was doing it that I figure clear nail polish would work!

    2. I would use a clear polish just the same as the glue and just let it almost dry before pushing the foil on!

  2. this is so cool, I love ciate nail products, they never disappoint.

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to trying more from them! :D