Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FEED + Target haul! Love a great cause!

So, the FEED organization has been around since 2007. The founder and CEO is Lauren Bush Lauren and the concept is simple: creating great projects that help FEED the world. They sell all kinds of things and each item has a set donation built into it that provides a specific number of meals to people in need.

I recently stopped by Target to check out the collaboration of 100+ items and saw SO many things I LOVED!! Here's what I got and how many meals each item provides! 

So cute with the red, white and blue, right?? Loves it. Here's a breakdown:

Pillows, $25 each. Each provides 20 meals.

Little blank notebooks $10 (don't see them online anymore). Provides 20 meals.
Blank notecards, $10. Provides 20 meals.

Big tote bag, $35. Provides 28 meals. 

Crossbody bag, $25. Provides 20 meals.
Reusable market bags, $7 each. Each provides 5 meals. 

You can check out the entire collection online here. There is free shipping right now if you spend $50! My purchases will provide over 130 meals! And it's all stuff I love and would have wanted to buy anyway! I carried the big orange tote on a small vacay last weekend and it was perfect for an airplane carry-on AND a beach bag!

What do you think?? Have you picked up anything from FEED + Target yet?? 

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