Monday, May 13, 2013

Delicate Necklace Lovin'

Ahh..... summer clothes! Woot!! And how to best accessorize all the cute maxi dresses and tank tops?? I love a big chunky statement necklace as much as the next girl but have always been partial to a delicate chain with a small charm or pendant. Love them all year round, but I think they are especially pretty on bare sun-kissed skin (or sunscreened and freckled skin, as the case may be... haha)!

Here are a few of my favorites!

Tiny fleur de lis. Can't remember who designed this one... I think I bought it from a Rue La La sample sale. It's brass, and starting to tarnish a bit, which makes it even better! ;)

Fakey fake fake piece of jewelry purchased by my 7 year old at her school Christmas shopping stand. She bought me the most expensive item in the store ($18 I think?) which was absolutely precious. I've worn it so many times because, I mean, come on, how can you NOT?? :)

Pave diamond and gold fleur de lis, Christmas gift from the hubs from Davis Jewelers. So delicate and sweet! And I love anything fleur de lis since - move over New Orleans! - it's a city symbol for Louisville!

Pave diamond initial necklace from Royal Fine Jewelers. Another gift from the hubs! :)

Kentucky and Arkansas charms by Maya Brenner. My heart is split pretty evenly between the two, and I love wearing them both at once!

Live Green necklace, also by Maya Brenner. Purchase this one at Macy's flagship in NYC a few years ago, doesn't look to still be available.

Sterling silver cross double pendant, purchased by my mom for me at an estate sale in Arkansas. Looooove. Love these. I've always thought they must have some dark, sketchy story that I will never know! SO unique and one of my very, very fave pieces of jewelry!

This post has had me shopping around this morning for new pieces I might need! Haha! Here are some I've seen already that I love!

Bicoastal Necklace by Maya Brenner. How cute is this? Too bad my only CA and GA affiliations are as a visitor! ;)

Stella & Dot makes so many adorable things, my next purchase will probably come from here!

But, wait, I've always said I'm not a jewelry girl... ;)

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