Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blush Beauty Mystery Box November 2013 Review + Coupon

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Time again for another awesome box from Blush Beauty! This subscription costs $35 for a one time purchase or $25/month with subscription ($26.45 with tax to Kentucky) and contains $100+ of beauty products. This month is advertised to contain $250+ of products!!

Each month has a guest curator. This month's box was curated by Lauren Feist, celebrity makeup artist. She has been a professional makeup artist for 10+ years, including 5 years with MAC. Let's get to it! 

Here's first looks:

And the breakdown:

NeoStrata Antioxident Defense Serum, $5 - I've been all about some serums lately, so excited to try it!

Angel's Magic NHEB-05 Lotion, sample - Smelled so good, like a clean baby!, but not nearly moisturizing enough for my dry skin

Pur-Lisse SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer, $55 - This tube is 1.7 oz and I was surprised to see how expensive it is! I'm going on a sunny vacation in a couple of weeks (yay!) and this one is going in the travel bag!

Nick Chavez Horsetail Root Lifting Spray, $9 - It is always a little weird when you go to research a product and the only places you really see it are Amazon and a discontinued page on QVC? Interesting...

SmartFX Eyelash Enhancer, $125 - I was wondering where the high value of this box was going to come from and here it is! SUPER pumped about this. I received an eyelash serum sample in this box last month and was disappointed when it didn't last long. This one is FULL SIZE and I've already started using it! Come on ridiculously awesome lashes!!!

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Maximum Volume Mascara, $19.50 - I have said it a million times but I am super serious about mascara and more than a little devoted to Maybelline products. I give all of these higher end ones a fair shot, though, with hopes that they wow me!

Cargo High Pigment Pencil, $16 - Over the last few months I've gotten really, really into eyeliner but browns are just not my favorite. This one will likely be passed along to someone else.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Hydrafull Gloss, $8 - This  little gloss is adorbs. It claims to have all kinds of clinically proven results over time like fuller lips, etc. Going to be fun to try!

Paula's Choice Resist Ultra-Light Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum, $5 - Wow... that's a long product name! LOL!

So this month's box cost me $26 and contained $240+ worth of product. Pretty freaking amazing. Another month of high value and I'm super stoked about it. You can read my reviews of past months in the drop down menu above and here: OctoberSeptemberAugustJulyJuneMay.  

If you are interested in trying the Blush Beauty subscription service, let me know! I can send you an e-mail invite and you and I will each get a $10 coupon when you sign up! Win-win!! This month's box is still available for a one-time purchase of $34.95, which is still quite a bargain! :D

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