Friday, January 31, 2014

PopSugar January Must Haves Box Review + Coupon Code

YAY!!! It's PopSugar time!! This box and $10/month Ipsy are my two FAVORITE subscription services out there!! If you are thinking of subscribing to a box and aren't sure where to start, I'd suggest you start with one of those two! 

PopSugar always sells out. Sign up now to hopefully get the February box! PopSugar is $40/month and gets a little cheaper with longer commitment. You can always use code REFER5 to save $5 on your first PopSugar box and there are a couple other deals floating around that you should try - VDAY10 to save $10 (expires 2/4?) and ASK50 to save HALF OFF (expires???)!

Now, on to January! 
Here's first looks:

And the breakdown:

Jack & Lucy Tech Gloves, $15 (?) - I was so excited to see these in the box! I've never had a pair and I put them right on to go out in the snow and take pictures of the kids. They worked well, which was really cool! They aren't the warmest gloves ever, but I don't think that's the point!

The Juice Generation Book,  $15 - Well... unfortunately, we don't do much juicing around here, so this is a miss for us. I've thought so many times about trying a juice cleanse. I get soooo grumpy with low blood sugar and I've been afraid that a cleanse would turn me into a monster that my family doesn't deserve! LOL! Words of wisdom and experience??? Anyone???

Rifle Paper Company Desk Calendar,  $16 -  Would much rather have had some notecards or a pad of paper or anything but this... seems a little weird and pointless....

Revlon Marchesa Nail Files, $4 - Love, love, love Marchesa. Don't we all??? These little files are cute and come just when I needed some new ones!

Pipcorn Truffle Mini Popcorn, $6 - I have a healthy (?) obsession with the truffle fries at a local restaurant and this was a nice way to have a bit of that flavor at home! Hubs and I shared this with a nice Gouda craft beer while we were watching Ben Ten with the kids on the couch. We kept toasting each other for how fancy we were! LOL! 

Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask, $40 -  From what I understand, this mask does a cool foamy/fizzy thing while it's on your face. I'm trying it this weekend!! 

I came up with a value of about $96 for this box! It's not my favorite box but I definitely am enjoying enough of it to feel like it was a good deal! PopSugar consistently gives me great value for my money and I can't wait to see what they send this month! Be sure to try coupon codes ASK50, VDAY10 or REFER5 if you sign up! 

Birchbox January "Go Time" Box Review

So excited to see what Birchbox included in their January box! I love a new year and a new start! 

Birchbox is a subscription service that costs $10/month for the women's box or $20/month for the men's box (which includes a lifestyle item). Prices get lower with longer commitment and subscribers accumulate points to spend in the Birchbox shop by reviewing items ($1 per item).

January box us themed "Go Time" and is focused on providing inspiration for beauty trends and beyond.  I loved the little positivity messages from the Birchbox that were included! Let's get to the box! 

Here's first looks:

And the breakdown:

OmniPotent Duosity Hair Treatment, $1.70 - This treatment was fun to try. There are two separate elements that you squeeze together to activate the ingredients. It was a bit of a science experiment, watching it foam up really big! I'm not sure that it made any dramatic difference in my hair, but I would love to try a few more times just for fun value alone!

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, $9.50 - This is one of those products that has a bit of a cult following. I'm excited to try it!

Ahmad Tea Bags, $1 - Eh, it's tea. I don't drink it but the hubs will.

Midnight Monarch Glycerine Hand Therapy, $.50 - I've seen mixed reviews on this fragrance but it was fine for me. I like strong fragrance in my products! This was a fine, basic hand cream. 

INIKA Mineral Eye Shadow, $20 - Full size! Woot! Always happy to have organic products to use!

Fun inspirational cards to get started on 2014! :)

I came up with a total value of about $32 for this box. After doing the reviews ($1 credit in Birchbox store per item), the box only cost me $3.25 (I got an amazing deal on a year subscription a while back!). I continue to be happy with the box and am getting excited about my Birchbox points that are piling up!! What fun splurge should I use them on??? :)

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Nobody loves a good designer collab more than me and EEEEEK! I'm super excited about this one! PETER PILOTTO for Target will be available on February 9th and will include women's apparel, accessories and swimwear, with prices from $14.99 to $79.99. There will also be a curated assortment of the limited-edition collection on SOOOooo pumped! 

photo courtesy of

The duo behind PETER PILOTTO have developed the line into one of London's most recognizable and coveted brands. They are known for complex and unique prints, textiles, colors and shapes. These pieces are extremely innovative and have such a bold voice. It's no surprise that they are head-turning and celebrity favorites! Here are some amazing examples of their past work:

Photos courtesy of

And some of my favorites from the Target lookbook:
Dress in Purple Floral Print, $69.99
Shirt in Green Floral Print, $19.99
Moto Jacket in Blue Netting Print, $59.99
Cropped Sweater in White/Blue Print, $29.99
Short in Blue Netting Print, $29.99

Tee in Green Netting Print, $19.99

Jacquard Dress in Red Iris Print, $79.99

Beach Towel, $24.99
Swim Cover-Up in Green Floral Stripe Print, $34.99
Tote in Green Floral Print, $39.99
Pouches in Clear/Green Floral Print, $22.99

You can view the entire lookbook here and visit the Target landing page for the launch here. What do you think??? I am SO OVER winter right now and so many of these things are looking like a much needed breath of fresh air! I can't wait to fight the masses for them!! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ipsy January Glam Bag 2014 Review

Ah, Ipsy.... How do I love thee? Let me count the ways again.... Only $10 a month? Check. Products that are often FULL-size? Check. Tons of value for my money? Check. Super fun products? Check. On and on and on.... If you are thinking of trying a subscription service but you don't know where to start, start HERE!! Enough of the love letters, let's get to what is in the first bag of 2014!

Here's first looks: 

And the breakdown:

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner,  $3.60 - I love leave in protective hair products and I insist that my girls use them, too. This one is reviewed really well online and sounds unique. It repairs with cocoa and moisturizes with soy and wheat.

Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm, $12 - This brand was new to me until we received a travel set in the PopSugar Limited Edition Holiday Men's Box. I've liked the products I've tried so far and am thrilled that I got this one! Obsessive about lip balm all year round!! 

Proactiv Mark Fading Pads, $8 - This is a total guess on the price, I am only seeing these sold separately on Amazon, it looks like they are one of the 5 items in the $40/month Proactiv service. I've never used Proactiv but have always felt convinced by their advertising! haha! These are supposed to do several things, including fading fine lines and diminishing pores, so I'll give them a try!

Skiin Soothing and Smoothing Eye Cream,  $15 - I'm kind of concerned that all of the products on the Skiin website are on "clearance." This is a new brand to me, is anyone familiar with it?? I'm super serious about eye creams and will give this one a shot when I finish my current Lancome. I hope it does all of the wonderful things it promises!

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow, $6 - This is such a pretty, rich copper color and I love the texture. It reminds me of the creamy Pixi eyeliner pencils that I love so much!!  

This month's bag had a value of about $45, just craziness for only $10. I'm excited about this bag, these are all products I am excited to have and try! If you would like to try Ipsy (and really, it's $10! Who wouldn't??), please use my referral link and GO FOR IT! It's a little present to myself that I look SO forward to each month! Can't wait to see what next month brings! :D

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Online Shopping: Land's End Spring 2014 and Clearance

So, there are some places that I've always felt too cool to shop, and Land's End is one of them. Not sure exactly why, but all I've pictured from there is elastic waist pants and orthopedic shoes... LOL!

I've liked some basic things that I've bought for the girls from Land's End over the years. Last year I took a chance on a printed summer tank dress for me and wound up loving it. So, in the interest of having an open mind, I recently placed an order for a few of their new bathing suit pieces and some other bargains I found while looking around. If you use the awesome free service eBates, you get 1.5-3% back on your purchase. Land's End items can be returned to any Sears store if that's more convenient for you than mailing them.

I'm 5'9 and about 126 pounds. I'll include sizes for references! Here are the pieces I ordered and how they worked (or didn't!) for me:

 Sleeveless Heritage Jersey Dress, $59 (on sale for $24.99) 
Size 4. I thought this would be a cute piece year-round, with jean jacket and boots or with flat sandals. Trying it on, I was kind of meh. The fabric is a little stiff and the dress is unlined. The color wasn't really exciting to me for fall or spring.
Verdict: Return.

Paisley Holiday Party Dress, $160 (on sale for $49.99) 
Size 4. This dress was just okay for me. The fit was good and the slip liner was really nice. I just wasn't in love with it, though.
Verdict: Return.

Swim Pieces (I'm going to spare you and not try these on for the camera! LOL). I like to mix and match suits so I ordered random things:

Regular Beach Living Tapestry Bandeau Tunic Top, $65 - Size 4. The fit was off on this. It was soooo tight around the top. I even had skin bulges/muffin top in the armpit area. Not a good look! LOL!
Verdict: Return.

Regular SwimMates Medallion Boy Shorts, $39 -  Size Small. I loved this print but the fit was soooo weird. The fabric on the bottom of the back was very loose and didn't fit tight to my skin??? Um... not trying to have my cheeks hanging out, not at this stage of the game! Haha
Verdict: Return.

Regular Beach Living Paisley V-Veck Tankini Top, $55 -  Size 4. Okay, fit was off on this, too. Same size as the top above but this one has major baggy fabric on the boobs. Print is adorable, though!
Verdict: Return.

Sleeveless Cotton Jersey Floral Tunic Cover-Up, $29 
Size Small. Super cute! I am in love with this print and the soft easy dress will be great to throw on all summer long. Runs a little big, could probably do with a size down, but not going to mess with switching it out.
Verdict: Keep.

Eyelet Dress, $108 (on sale for $29.99)  
Size 4. I was so excited to catch this dress on sale because I'd had my eye on it since fall. Looks like a great piece for all year round, depending on what you do with it. But... can't tell in the picture but the fit was a bit of a mess. Very short for me and HUGE around the bust. If I inhaled, it basically fell down. If I sized down, the back would be too short to be decent.
Verdict: Return.

Paisley Adjustable Swim Cover-up Tunic, $49

5" Paisley Poplin Shorts, $49 (on sale for $19.99)
Top size Small, shorts size 4. Okay, obvs would never wear these together, but I needed to put them on with something for a pic! The top is fantastic. Too short for much coverage in a coverup, but love the print, the fit and the quick dry fabric. The shorts are pretty perfect, too. Fun print and a good length for daily wear! Love!
Verdict: Keep both.

Cross Back Surplice Dress, $59 (on sale for $24.99)
So, the first picture is how this dress is supposed to be worn... and, well, it's kind of awkward in person. The shoulder seams look backwards? I turned it around and it made more sense to me but the tag is in the front that way. I don't know. Cute idea, especially with how much red I wear, but not for me. It could have used some lining, too.
Verdict: Return.

Short Sleeve Pattern Georgette Pintuck Dress, $98 (on sale for $32.99)
Another fun print and cheap enough that I won't feel bad if I don't wear it much! The length is a little weird, I might have it taken up some, but will be cute in summer with a big chunky necklace and high strappy sandals!
Verdict: Keep.

So I found a few things that I think I will really wear and love. All of the bright fun colors and prints in this box made me so happy!! Have you started shopping for spring and summer? What are you loving?? Can't wait for warmer weather to get here!