Wednesday, December 18, 2013

PopSugar Special Edition Holiday for Him Box Review + Coupon

I was so excited to get this box from PopSugar! Unlike the women's box, I had peeked and knew what was going to be included. It's still always fun to get the goodies in your hands, though! This was a Limited Edition box that sold out quickly for $100. Hubs and I loved the his and hers summer boxes and I had high hopes for this one!! 

Here's first looks:

And the breakdown:

Krave Beef Jerky, $7 - Hubs demolished this stuff almost instantly. Declared it the best jerky every. I'm happy to see that I should be able to pick up more at Target!

FunkyChunky Chip-Zel-Pop, $7 - This stuff looks amazing!! It's going into a bag of goodies for a teacher who LOVES chocolate!

Apolis Flannel Wool Tie, $68 - Eh, this is fine. I wish we had gotten the gray one. Hubs rarely wears a tie (seriously, maybe twice a year and that's usually a BOW tie for a black tie event) so I'll have to find something else to do with this one.

Soxiety Socks, $12 - Well... socks. They've already been worn. No comment, which means they're fine! LOL!

Malin + Goetz 1 oz Essential Kit, $30 - A great little travel kit for a guy who's more metro than mine! Haha

Native Union Monocle, $60 - This is a speaker, handset, speakerphone... We've had many times that we would love to have a speaker to play music from phone or iPod. Reviews online seem mixed... I hope it's fab!

Mark and Graham Leather Travel Pouch, $80 - This little bag is made of gorgeous, super supple leather. It's small, but will definitely be an upgrade for what hubs usually packs his stuff in (a ziploc bag or something girly of mine! haha). I would never have paid $80 for it, but he will use it, I'm sure. Unfortunately, this one has a few water spot type marks on it. I've emailed PopSugar and hope it's resolved easily!

I came up with a value of $264 for this box. Not my favorite LE PopSugar box but I thought the value was great. Just kind of a miss for us this time, which is part of the subscription box game! ;) Like I said above, this box is long sold out, but you can sign up for regular PopSugar and save $5 off your order with code REFER5. 


  1. Those snacks would make a good gift!! I'm going to check out Target for the beef jerkey next time I'm there. Wonder where I could find the other one though!

    1. The beef jerky is $5 a bag at Target, which is a little better than $7, but it took my husband about 5 minutes to inhale each bag that I brought home! I'll be watching for a sale! Haha!

  2. What a nice selection! The travel pouch is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    1. It is! I'm supposed to be receiving a replacement soon since mine was slightly damaged. Love great customer service!