Thursday, April 25, 2013

Julep Maven Boho Glam Intro Box

Julep Maven is a service that provides a monthly box with at least two high end nail polishes and a couple of other products for $19.99/month. When you sign up for the service, you take a fun quiz that places you in one of several style categories and your monthly box is personalized for that style (unless you want to try a different one, skip a month, etc.). I flew through the quiz and was labelled "Boho Glam"and got to see a preview of my intro box. The colors were.... interesting. Not what I would have normally picked but the point is to try something new, right?? So I stuck with the recommended box and have turned out very pleasantly surprised!!

Here's what the box looked like:

The box included Julep polish in Debra ($14) and Leila ($14), Julep Mascara ($24) and a sample of a foot scrub ($2?). The colors are way more muted than what I would normally pick but they really add something different to the massive nail polish collection in my house (which I thought was pretty much impossible at this point! haha). They look fresh and unique and I love them!

Of course, I was home with the 7 year old when I opened this box, so the first attempt at these polishes turned out a little unexpected....

Hers alternated the new yellow with a neon yellow and then all covered in purple glitter:

Then she painted mine turquoise and alternated freehanded tips in new gray and yellow with (of course! ) purple glitter over everything:

This weekend I'll be trying the foot scrub and a more traditional use of the polishes on my toes ;). And I'm a mascara FANATIC so I'm always curious to try a new one!

All in all, I'm definitely interested to see what comes next! And the fact that I got my first box for $.01 and only paid $3.99 shipping for $54 worth of product definitely made it worthwhile!

If you would like to try a box for for the same awesome price, go to Julep and sign up to be a Maven. My referral code is 13467839 if you want to be a doll and help me earn free boxes. When you sign up, you'll get a code to refer friends, too! Use code FREEMAVEN to get your first box for only a penny plus the shipping fee and then cancel at any time if you don't love it!

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