Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Julep Zigzag October Mystery Box Review

Julep Maven is a monthly subscription service that sends nail polishes and other beauty products based on your profile each month for a monthly charge of $24.99. If you would like to try your first month free (just pay the $3.99 shipping fee) use code FREEBOX. And thank you in advance if you use one of my referral links! :D

I didn't get the regular October box from Julep but I couldn't resist the mystery box this month! Each zigzag box is "powered by chevron" and contains fun chevron nail stickers! 

There were three box sizes available and I opted for the mini box, $19.99 for $50+ of product. One of my real motivations for this order was to add on Casper, the glow in the dark limited edition polish that I've been craving! And, also, to use a coupon that only happened on 10/10 - $10 off $25 or more! 

Here's first looks:

Such a huge outer packing box this time!

And the breakdown:

Clara polish, $14 - opaque peach creme

Marjorie polish, $14 - citrus orange frost

Doublestep, $22 - This stick is promised to prevent blisters. Nobody loves a monster heel more than me, so I'm hoping this will work well when the time of need comes!

Candy corn - Fun little bonus treat! The girls ate this right up!

Sea Salt Spray, $22 - Sea salt spray is a little hit or miss with my curly hair. I am currently using a Philip B. one that leaves my curls looking great even without blow drying. This one reviews well on Julep, so hopefully it's a good one!!

Chevron stickers, $2 - I'm not sure quite what I was expecting, but I'm surprised by the design of these and how versatile they are! The instructions say to trim them, apply on nail and top coat over. They are long enough to go on nails in any direction. They could also be used to provide neat edges to paint chevron of other colors. These are going to use this week!!  

Casper glow in the dark polish, $14 - fun add on!! My girls are going to flip out over this!! :D

My box contained $74 worth of product (plus Casper) and I was really happy with it! It was a nice combination of polish and other products and I'm looking forward to trying out my new goodies! Chevron nails coming soon!! 

Be sure to use code FREEMAVEN to get your first box for only $4 if you decide to sign up for Julep


  1. Thanks for the review, great box! I love Julep polish!

    1. You're so welcome! It's such a fun subscription! :)