Sunday, November 24, 2013

Julep Diamond Mystery Box November 2013 Review

Omg!!! So excited about this one!! Ok... I've had lukewarm feelings about my past Julep mystery boxes and had decided to pass on future ones. But, you know how that goes! When I saw the high promised value of the Diamond Mystery Box, I had to go for it!! Haha!

This box cost $24.99 and was to contain at least $120 of Julep products! It is now sold out but if you want to try Julep monthly Maven service, use code FREEMAVEN to get your first box for only $4 shipping fee! You can easily go into your online account and skip any months that you don't want and, as a member, you'll be sure to get access to deals like this one!

Now, on to my goodies!! 
Here's first looks:

sooooo much stuff!!

And the breakdown:

Geo glitter polish, $14
Antonia glitter polish, $14
These are the two polishes that were guaranteed to be in every Diamond Mystery box! My girls and I can never have enough glitter and we are super pumped about these two!

Helen polish, $14
Coco polish, $14
Kristy polish, $14

Marion polish, $14
Reece polish, $14

Eyelash curler, $5 - can't find this for sale online individually, so guessed at price. Looks like it was part of a travel kit at one point!

Something pink?, $5 - um... Idk what this is! LOL it feels like a fine exfoliating mitt but it's not shaped to fit fingers or thumb or anything?? Help, anyone??

Julep DoubleStep, $22 - Blister stick for tootsies

Pink Body Frosting, $18 - yay!!!! I am lotion obsessed on the regular but even more so through the fall and winter! I cracked this right open and loved how much it looks like frosting for real! Grapefruit scent is great and it feels awesome on!!

Rock candy, $2 - just bought some of these at the amazing Schimppf's candy company! The girls love them!

So my box had a total value of a whopping $150! So pumped. I've got some things I love and some fun duplicates to gift!!

If you want to make sure you don't miss future mystery boxes, head over to Julep and use code FREEMAVEN to sign up for the monthly maven box for only $4! And skip any months you don't want a regular box! So much fun! And if you use one of my referral links, thank you!! Loves it!! 

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