Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fleury Rose Dip-Dye Tips Manicure

Celebrity manicurist Fleury Rose created an inspiring collection of fall manicures for the September issue of InStyle and I couldn't wait to try them out!! 

Last week I attempted her Luxe Paint Splatter mani. For nails of the week this week I attempted the Dip-Dye Tips style!

This mani requires a few basic supplies: 

Pale pink - Spa Ritual in Airhead
Dark blue - Deborah Lippmann in Ray of Light
Clear topcoat (I love Out the Door)
Two small pieces of sponge (I cut mine off of a larger one)

And here are the steps! 

1. Paint two coats of pale pink base. Let dry 10 minutes.

2. Take one of the sponges, paint end with clear top coat, then paint over the top coat with the blue polish. The topcoat will help to dilute the navy. Dab the sponge about halfway down nail, repeat on each nail.

3. Using the clean sponge (no topcoat), brush on the polish and dab the tip of each nail for saturated color. Wait 10 minutes for nails to dry.

4. Add a clear topcoat to amp up the shine and to help the layers blend together seamlessly. Enjoy! 

I think this is such an interesting look and it definitely looks more difficult than it is! I had a hard time applying it neatly since the sponges were new to me, but I'm sure it gets easier with practice! I'm excited to try this soon with other colors! 

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