Friday, May 3, 2013

Cravebox haul! Spring Cleaning box, Zatarain's Big Game, AXE clean cut look

So excited to get THREE Craveboxes in the mail today! It's DERBY time here in Louisville, so this is going to be quick!

I ordered two of the "instant boxes" on Cravebox when they ran a promotion last week. I had such an awesome experience with their customer service. These two boxes were taking forever to ship so I emailed to ask why. After several quick replies, it was determined that they didn't ship on time. They basically overnighted them to me AND put ten Cravebucks in my account, which equals $10 and will basically give me a free box! Awesome!

The first of my instant boxes is the Zatarain's Big Game Box, price $13

What an AWESOME deal this box was!! All full sized products that my hubs is going to LOVE!! It included two Creole Seasonings ($7.19 each), two Red Beans & Rice ($3.49 each), two Creole Mustard ($4.99 each), two HUGE Jambalaya Mix ($4.99 each), and two True Lemon tea mixes ($8.84 each), plus a big pack of Mardi Gras beads my kids will love!! Total value about $60! Thrilled with this box! Too bad it's sold out or I'd be buying another one! Great deal on things I totally would have bought anyway!!

The second instant box is the Axe Clean Cut Look Kit, price $13

Five full sized products! Clean cut look pomade ($9.38), Anti-dandruff styling cream ($6.97), Wet Shine Gel ($7.89), Total Fresh Head to toe clean ($3.99) and waterless foam shampoo ($7.89). Total value over $36! My nephew is going to LOVE this kit (minus the dandruff product, which would be a little insulting to receive as a gift! LOL). Happy with this box and would buy another if it wasn't sold out as well!

The third box is the new Spring Cleaning box, price $13, available now for instant purchase for $16

Definitely some new things to me in this box! Woolite Dry-Clean at home kit, can't find exact thing for sale online, so guessing value at $10. Looks kind of like Dryell kit I used to use... will come in handy! Enough to clean quite a few items! Disposer care packets ($4.35) and beads (can't find them online, going to give same value $4.35). Sprayway Glass Cleaner ($2.49) - gah I hate cleaning windows, hopefully this helps. Samples of Gain Fireworks in-wash scent booster - I have used Gain forever and will definitely use these! Packets are labelled "free sample not for sale" so I'm giving them zero value. Box also included quite a few coupons including two for a free bottle of One Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover ($5.99 each) which we will definitely use with all the kids and pets around here. Total rough estimate value of box, about $33. Pretty good deal and all things that will get used!!

I noticed on Cravebox this morning that one of the upcoming drawings will be for a box curated by Martha Stewart! As much as I WANT to dislike her, that will be one I'll be hoping to get!! haha! If you'd like to try Cravebox, go HERE and please put my referral ID "stlouischick" in the referral box! Thanks so much! Happy shopping and HAPPY Derby!!

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