Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Restaurant Review: Mussel and Burger Bar

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The hubs and I have heard sooooo much about this restaurant. Seriously. It's everywhere right now. They don't take reservations and can run on an hour and a half wait even on weeknights so, when we found ourselves hungry at a weird mid-afternoon time with no line, we decided to give it a shot! 

Mussel & Burger Bar is the latest venture by the same people who have brought Louisville Havana Rumba and Guaca Mole. As far as I can see online, they don't have a legit website?? All I can find is the Facebook page I linked above and no full menu or anything? I was able to track down some prices in some random photos on the FB page... Weird. Just totally going on word of mouth at this point, I guess! 

So, we came directly from a University of Louisville football game and were still dressed accordingly! I was still sporting my red and black!

* Chanel Sunnies
* Chevron pants from Apricot Lane
* Alexander McQueen tank from eBay

The game was HOTttttt and we were a sweaty mess... This may have been why we wound up seated in the bar area? LOL! The tables were pretty plain, just a little candle and a sheet of brown paper. Seriously. No sweeteners, no salt or pepper, no condiments at all. The overall vibe is super pub-y and charming. Love the Mason jars! 

Hubs took a friend's recommendation and started with the  Blue Cheese Beer Pancetta Mussels ($7). *barf* I'm a 20+ year vegetarian and normally I can tune the meat out but these things smelled STRONG! LOL! He liked the blue cheese but slid the plate aside after biting into his second or third crunchy thing. He wanted me to post that anyone who cracks a tooth on one can come to him for a repair! Hahahaha! 

Blue Cheese Beer Pancetta Mussels

For burgers, hubs went with the Local Burger, which I'm annoyed to say I can't even find in the random pictures of the menu that I dug up on the FB page... Let's just guess that it was $12 and, as for details, it is mostly locally sourced. The burgers are served with sweet potato fries (that are awesome) and a smokey pineapple dipping sauce (also awesome).

Local Burger

I ordered one of literally only two things on the menu that are meat-free. I didn't even SEE the other thing, the server just told me about it near the end of the meal... I had the Vegetarian burger ($9), an 8 oz beet and red quinoa burger on pretzel bun with goat cheese and black olive aioli. It looked pretty when it came out:

Vegetarian Burger

But, um, I took ONE bite and the whole thing squished out the back. By a few bites, it had disintegrated into a mess than could only be picked up with a fork... It was tasty enough but, OMG, seriously annoying to eat. I had heard that this place pretty blatantly does NOT cater to vegetarians and I can confirm I that felt very un-catered to! Our server was great but I seriously felt like this entree was a trick! All the servers walking around in "Meatatarian" shirts just made me feel even more like I was on Punk'd or something! LOL!

The girls just walked by and saw this pic and said WHAT ON EARTH?? They agree that it looks like Red Velvet cake - and also agree that that would probably have been more fun! LOL!

Our opinion? It was very much okay. This is kind of how we felt about Havana Rumba and Guaca Mole, too? Are we doing it wrong? Granted, this trip didn't include any of the interesting beer on offer (we had just come from tequila sangria at the game) and we skipped out before dessert, so maybe we need to give it another go before we totally dismiss it. Next time, though, I'll probably have an entree beforehand! ;)

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