Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

It was another fun and busy weekend around here! Are there people who actually lay around and REST on the weekends?!? I wonder what that's like?? LOL! 

On Friday the hubs and I had a busy date night! We started out the night at the University of Louisville basketball game and then ended the night at the Toad the Wet Sprocket concert. They are easily hubby's all-time favorite band and one of his main musical influences, so anytime he gets the chance to see them is truly a moment in his happy place!! 

Ran into our Hawaii family's family! 

On Saturday we ran around to various lessons with the girls and then spent the late afternoon/night at the Louisville football game. These double header weekends are crazy for us fans!! LOL!  The Cards got the win but it was a rather lackluster game and kind of a bummer since it was our last time to see Teddy Bridgewater play in a UL uni at home and he didn't even throw for a single touchdown... Oh well. It was a perfect night for some football and the Cards are 9-1!

Teddy B running the offense!

After the football game we stopped by a gig that was packed with friends! And I don't have a single picture from there, too much fun socializing I guess! #fail! LOL!

Sunday was spent... putting up all the Christmas decorations!! YAY!! This is kind of psycho-early to get that done but OMG it feels awesome that we've done it! I'm winning this year. I'm going to be relaxed and ahead of the game and ENJOYING Christmas rather than running around like a loon! 

Busy, busy, busy!! Hope everyone's week is rolling along smoothly! Happy Tuesday everyone!! :D


  1. So jealous you have your Christmas decorations up!!! It is nice to be ahead and I am not! haha!

    1. Girl... I am going to be relaxed and sipping a big mug of cocoa by the fire this year! No holiday crazies for me - that's the plan at least! LOL!