Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday iPhone Photo Dump Linkup!

Man... it's been a while since I linked up with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for this weekly photo share! Time is flying around here, like it is for everyone, I'm sure! Here's what we got into this week! 

We started this week with a visit to Santa and Junior's first gymnastics meet. The kid crushed it! She wound up with several awards, including the 1st place overall award for her division! SO proud! 

Tried to bribe them into crying in the pic... no dice.

So awesome! 

Working on gymnastics routines with Papa! LOL!

We've had a random week with doses of bad weather and snow days. That's been lots of fun! We are SO ready for Christmas break and these unexpected days off have given us a taste of the relaxing weeks that are coming soon! 

Not tons of snow but enough ice to make it fun!! 

Staying out till the last. possible. minute.

Boo's first winter as a big dog! She loves it!! 

When we delivered the neighborhood treats that I posted on Instagram, we came back home with just as many! 

I've laughed and laughed this week and some of the inappropriate Elf on a Shelf shenanigans online. The naughty ones crack me up. This is the first year that our house has had an elf and Snowball has definitely been entertaining! Our friend who has been posing for her own Elf photos has given me more than one LOL, too!! 

This burping reindeer is horrible. Too bad we caught her before she burned it for real! LOL!

Fishing for salmon...

Turning Ken into the Biebs! hahaha

Real life Elf! LOL!!

And a few more random things....

Awful picture of the real life deer in our neighborhood! They blend right in with all of the decorations! 

I thought we were already out of the salsa Hubs canned this summer then I found THIS treasure trove. Week made.

Is anybody seriously asking for an $1,800 blinged out mixer this year?? Nobody loves sparkle more than me but I think my Mom is right, you only get this bad boy if you have someone to CLEAN it for you each time! ;)

We are going to be busy busy this weekend with cheer and dance competitions both Saturday and Sunday, office Christmas party, Louisville basketball, on and on and on!! It's the time of year for maximum craziness and I love it all! Have a great weekend everyone!! :D

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