Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday iPhone Photo Dump Linkup

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Time to link up again with Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for the weekly photo dump! Loves it!

Ahh... it's the last full week of summer break and, OMG, the girls are ready to go back. We are to the point where they are bouncing off the walls and the fact that they are starting a new school is just adding to the excitement and craziness! LOL! 

Sure, you can color your whole body with chalk. Why not?

Another quality day of fun out of the $4 slip n slide!

Hubs went on a four night/5 day trip to NOLA with his college buddies, so we had lots of girl time while he was gone. We spent one whole day on a trip to the new American Girl store that opened in Columbus, Ohio! It was something the girls were wanting to do this summer anyway and was a long but worth it road trip!

Hubs and friends on their Bourbon St. balcony. He's the one rockin' the plaid shorts and mandolin! :D

Road trip for the girls!

Photo op with girl of the year Saige!

Successful AG shopping spree!

Little Fox is in full obsession mode with gymnastics. The kid is so focused, it amazes me. She's only 7, but she's so got the mindset of a winner. LOVE her big dreams and hard work. SO proud!

First "rip" from the bars,  a rite of passage!

And just a few more random things...

Hub's garden is in full swing! Ghost pepper and habanero salsa!

Uh... this cocktail mix is LETHAL but sooo good!

Our deck pet Chewy! 

Love this pic of hubby's band End of Me in NYC back in the day!

Looking forward to Halloween already and starting to work on our annual Fox Bash benefit! 

That's about it from here! Excited for date night tonight and back to school next week! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!! 

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