Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday iPhone Photo Dump Linkup!

Yep, it's that time again! Time to link up with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom to clear out some weekly photos!

Busy, busy, busy again this week! The week started with date night and a trip to The Chocolate martini Bar of Louisville. Fun dinner and night out! 

Chocolate Salted Caramel Martini! Yes please! 

We squeezed in a couple more summer activities! A trip to Bernheim Forest and a night out with friends to see the new Percy Jackson movie (wayyyyy to scary for little kids IMO!, we had nightmares at our house!!).

Picnic time!

It was a little warm out! LOL!

Too goofy for a regular pic! Haha!

This week saw the end of summer and the start of a much anticipated new school year at a new school! So exciting! We have all been ready to dive into the unexpected and get this new year started!!

Love these doll babies!! <3

Running to the front of the neighborhood!

First ever school bus ride! 

Our University of Louisville season tickets arrived this week and OMG I've got football on the brain. Can't wait! #Teddy4Heisman!!

Schedule sucks this year, but our seats are still awesome! ;)

But have you SEEN Michael Dyer's arms?? Holy moly...

We love you TEDDDYYYYYYY!!!

Looking forward to a fun weekend with some Texas family in town and then an epic night out with great friends on Sunday! Bruno Mars anyone?? I saw him with Eminem at Lollapalooza a couple of years ago and am still slowly becoming a fan but the dude is a SHOWMAN and I can't wait to see the spectacle!!

And a few more random things...

Chewy the deck pet is starting to attack hubby's garden! hahahahaha

I agree girls, I agree. We win! ;)

The girls are in love with these nasty things... GROSS

Already stalking the Phillip Lim for Target collection!! Launches September 15th!

Weather is SOOOO beautiful here again today! Ready to get the weekend started! Have a great Friday everyone!! :)

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