Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Halloween in August + Thinking about Fox Bash benefit for The Smile Train!

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The Fox's loooooove ourselves some Halloween! We took the year off last year but this year we are going to be hosting our 4th Fox Bash event to benefit The Smile Train! This charity is near and dear to our hearts (our oldest was born with cleft lip/palate) and over the years we've been able to contribute and raise enough money to pay for over 200 complete repair surgeries for other children! Pretty exciting!! 

So, the adults around here LOVE dressing up and start thinking about our host/hostess costumes pretty early. The kids around here LOVE dressing up, too! So many of the trendy kids' costumes sell out early so we've been trying to make a decision on what exactly they want this year! 

Here are a few of our favorite couples costumes over the years!

With Fox Bash 3 guests Stroke 9!

6 months preggo and totally inappropriate... haha

Hahaha ALWAYS down with the 80s!

With Fox Bash 2 (and 3!) guests Nappy Roots

Takes a real man to wear a granny gown! 

OMG... yall should have seen Shaggy's dance moves....

Bret and Lacey from Rock of Love

And some of the girls' greatest hits! 

Monster High, take 1

This hobo costume with her little cart of real trash STILL cracks me up, and is still just as un-PC as it was then! LOL

Monster High, take 2!

Dentist Papa made the "real" bunny teeth! 

Miss this perfect little Toto! <3

Totally self-designed with custom gown! :)

So are you thinking Halloween, too?? Probably not?? Haha! 

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