Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday iPhone Photo Dump Linkup!

Time again to linkup with Jennifer to share weekly photos! Man, time flies!! 

This week started with Labor Day and our last weekend at the pool. Labor Day itself was a hot, hot mess of trashy humanity there - seriously. No pictures. I was already trying to forget it before we had even left. But Friday was AMAZING. Only us and one other person! Pool heaven!!

The weather in general has been AMAZING! Cool in the mornings/evenings and still sunny and super warm in afternoons! 

Driveway art!

Lots of Boo walks!

We are continuing to work so hard on our benefit next month for The Smile Train. We are getting SO MANY cool auction items and goodies!! 

Tomorrow it's time for some more college football! You can read my post about the University of Louisville season opener here! SO much fun, can't wait to get out there again. And one of the other big stories around here is Bobby Petrino at Western. OMG. A total jerk? Obviously. But what a freakin' football genius. 

OMG, that smart ass face! Hahaha

No shortage of fashion fails at football games! Bleached mohawk, awful tattoos, TIGHT shorts, sleazy Ferrari tennis shoes....

Love these Cards! <3

Excited to spend some quality time tonight at Fox Family Fun Fantastic Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!! 
The anticipation during the daily wait at the bus stop is excruciating.... 

Yay!! There's the kids! Let the weekend begin!! :D

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