Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday iPhone Photo Dump Linkup!

It's Friday the 13th!! Duh duh DUMMMM!! Are you superstitious?? OMG. I'm SO superstitious. I won't walk under a ladder, won't open an umbrella inside, won't cross a black cat's path without "X'ing" it out... on and on and on. I'm sure hubs thinks I'm nuts sometimes! LOL!

Anyways, time again to linkup with Jennifer over at Ramblings to check out the week in pictures! 

This week has been HOTtttt again. OMG. Where was this weather all summer??? Now that the pool is closed we are wishing it was OPEN. Next best thing? Clearance summer toys at Target and Kroger! We are planning a water slide and snow cone party for the weekend! Nice!

$7! Perfect.

The starter kit and tons of extra syrups for about $12! Also perfect!

Speaking of Target, the food hit of the week was the new Halloween Funfetti and icing goodies that are out now. Seriously didn't last 24 hours in the house before we had to make them! The girls got creative and made cookie toppers and shared them with their friends at gymnastics and dance. They were a big hit and I think I only heard one kid go "but it's not Halloween yet????" LOL!

My search for an Emmy's dress continues and, ugh, I'm kind of over it.... What will I wear? Who knows. It's a week from Sunday and at this point I am so tired of looking that I kind of don't care! 

Alice + Olivia fail....

J. Crew fail...

Last weekend's University of Louisville football game was a blast AGAIN! This weekend my awesome Cardinals are traveling to Lexington for the big rivalry game against the University of Kentucky. Excited every time I get to watch Teddy (bear) Bridgewater throw the football! 

ESPN woman on sidelines with Teddy magazine cover!

Ahhh... another perfect day for football! 

And a few more random things! 

The girls are so cute in their fall uniforms! <3

Boo "rub my belly" Bitty

Making S'mores with her goofy daddy that she adores! :)

Still can't believe we saw a truckload of those horrible SkyMall yeti statues!! Hahaha!! 

Have a great weekend everyone! :D


  1. OMG that truck!!! wTF. You should have followed them!

    1. Are you crazy??? There's no way a truck full of skymall yetis was going anywhere non-creepy and I'm the world's biggest chicken! Hahaha