Sunday, October 13, 2013

The last few days... Craziness.

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The last few days have been a blur, and the next two weeks promise to be an even bigger one. We are hosting a charity benefit for The Smile Train on the 25th at our house and it's SO much work (but obvs, so worth it!). That is majorly time consuming and the girls are currently on Fall Break (did you get fall break as a kid??? I never did!) so we are spending lots of time with them! 

Working on party favors!

The weather has been perfect - warm and sunny in the day and crisp but not too cold at night! Perfect for a Louisville football game on Thursday! 

It's cool for ESPN to be there, but they often park right in front of our seats. I know, I know, #greatseatproblems

Fireworks after each score! 

This guy in front of us with the hands in the pants.... I just missed him dirty DANCING with hands in the same position. 

On Friday we spent the evening at the Corn Island Storytelling Festival on the University of Louisville campus. This is a fall festival that has a long history in Louisville and was just revived last year. Lots of friends were there and we thoroughly enjoyed the great fall night - but left before the stories got TOO scary! ;)

Trying to hit squirrels with a ball... LOL

Pepper on campus! 

Lots of fun free crafts!

Games with friends!

Pepper dancing... hahaha

Storytellers take the stage!

Trekking across campus to end the night

A big chunk of yesterday was spent tracking down rubber bands for the rainbow loom bracelets that all of the kids are so obsessed with right now! Toys R Us has TONS, btw. The girls have already spent hours making these things! The newest fad! Haha! 

We also spent some time yesterday "BOOing" our neighbors. Does your neighborhood BOO? You leave an anonymous gift of treats on a doorstep with a poem and a sign. That neighbor is supposed to hang the "we've been booed" sign on their door then repeat the process with another house. We will see if it continues! If they BOO anyone it will probably be us and we will have to BOO someone ELSE to keep it going! LOL! The girls were soooooo funny about sneaking over there to leave the treats. They were hilariously stressed about getting caught! LOL!

Our BOO basket - spiderwebs, mustaches, paper goods, Halloween cake mix and squirt icing and a few other goodies! 

And now we have another perfect day shaping up outside. What to get into today??? Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!! 


  1. I don't have a neighborhood, so I can't boo. We only talk to 1 neighbor in our building! You & your husband are awesome, that is all.

    1. I've thought about the apartment situation and how you could hang a bag on doorknob or something? When I lived in a big high rise I didn't know many people either but would have loved to have gotten a bag of treats. Of course, I was a broke *ss student and couldn't have afforded to pass it on! LOL

      And, thanks! But we mostly just wanted to have a rockin annual Halloween party and decided it might as well be for good! ;)

  2. I forgot all about booing people! What a cute pack of goodies!

    1. Thanks! It's so much fun. It's hilarious how serious all the kids in the neighborhood take it. It's like Christmas or something all over again! LOL!