Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Recap

Whew.... what a weekend. Lots of drama, lots of activity, and a nice relaxing Sunday! 

Friday was picture day at school and the girls were SO excited to wear non-uniform clothes. They both bounded out of bed and left the house in the BEST mood. Then.... they got to the bus stop just in time to watch a truck going 80 mph slam into their bus full of kids. OMG... so traumatic and horrible to watch, but thankfully the kids all seem fine. And I think the truck driver survived, which was nothing short of a miracle.

So sassy with their "civilian" clothes and flat-ironed hair!

So sweet and happy on the way out the door!

My view when I headed home after driving the girls to school

Ugh. SO scary. :(

Friday night was date night. We made a return trip to Hammerheads, which was even MORE fabulous than the original trip, and then we spent the night watching our Louisville Cardinals get their asses handed to them. Great.

Best mac and cheese balls evah

These truffle fries... seriously. Best fries of my life.

Teddy Bridgewater cooling off!

ESPN blocks our view, but they brought us a TV to watch the game on this time! LOL!

Saturday morning started early as we headed out of town for our first all stars dance competition of the year. Our 9 year old's team KILLED it. OMG, they were amazing. First place is a great way to start a new season!! 

Really??? I got my finger in the pic? Early morning.... But she's adorable! <3

And, suddenly, it was Sunday! We spent a few hours on party prep for our charity event coming up on Friday and then spent some time enjoying the beautiful day! 

Miss Boo Bitty has been happily rockin the hairbow this weekend! LOVE!! 

Enjoying the sunshine on a bench dropped off for our silent auction! :D

After quick showers, we stopped by a friend's Noonday party. Have you been to one of these??? It's all fair trade jewelry and accessories and was super cute. Here's what I ordered:

Stars Arm Warmers in Ash

Metallic Halo Hoops

And now it's Monday. FIVE DAYS until Fox Bash for The Smile Train! Eeeeeek!! I need about 10 personal assistants this week!! LOL!! Hope everyone has a happy Monday!! And be sure you're getting your daily entry in the PopSugar + Neiman Marcus box giveaway!! 


  1. Oh my goodness, thank goodness the babies are a-okay! They look so sassy with their non-uniform clothes!!! Looks like their dance costumes matched the Louisville colors! ;)

    Poor Louisville. We watched that game, too. :(

    1. Haha! Thanks for commiserating!

      Her dance school is very UL based, one of the Ladybirds coaches (UL's million x national champ dance team) is a team coach there! :)