Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nails of the Week: Julep Chevron Stickers Experimentation!

I knew what my nails of the week would be as soon as I opened my Julep Zigzag mystery box! I was in love with the orange polish and couldn't wait to try out the chevron stickers! Here's what I used:

China Glaze base coat
Julep in Marjorie
OPI in Lincoln Park After Dark
Julep top coat
Julep chevron stickers

I read reviews of the orange polish on Julep and was worried about how sheer/light it was going to be. Because of that, I decided to use it as a base, apply stickers, then paint on darker stripes! 

First step: Orange base coat. Let dry.

One coat gave pretty great coverage! Looks perfect for fall and the countdown to Halloween!

Second step: apply chevron stickers and paint over all with second color. Let dry. 

Then it was time to peel off the stickers. Eek... I was worried about how this was going to turn out. I let the orange dry for 15 minutes in a nail dryer, and then the purple dry for 15 minutes in a nail dryer and yet....

Everything peeling off. Fail.
But looks spooky, no? Haha 

What went wrong? Who knows. I cleaned that mess off and reapplied a coat of the orange. This time around I used a sticker cut in half on each ring finger as an accent nail. Much cleaner and actually super cute! 

I'm so curious to see if anyone else has had better luck than me with these! I'm usually fairly impatient with watching paint dry but I was extra patient this time and still my multi-color stripes were a bust! :(

If you'd like to try Julep, please use one of my links and code FREEMAVEN to get your first box for only $3.99! Thank you! :D


  1. Thanks for showing how you used the chevron stickers. I know not to waste my time doing anything fancy. The second version looked great!

    1. Glad I could help! The things were definitely difficult for me to use. If you haven't used them yet, I would recommend at least two coats of top coat over the stickers. I only did one and they wound up coming off within a coupld of days.... :-/