Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nails of the week: Skylark Jelly Shot

My life is way too erratic to participate in "Manicure Mondays." I'm going to aim for a nail post/review once a week and just hope that I actually get around to changing polish that often! Haha! This week I used Jelly Shot by Skylark. This is a brand that's new to me, I first heard of it when I received a Skylark polish set in my Blush Beauty Mystery Box last week.

My thoughts on the polish? Meh.... The color is great, bright coral and happy and fun. The application process? A mess. It was runny (you can still see evidence of the mess in my photo) and it took three coats - THREE!! - to get the color halfway decent and even then it's still streaky. Three coats? Ain't nobody got time fo dat. No really, I don't have time for that. I threw on a layer of Out the Door, gave it a couple minutes, and left to volunteer at school. Do you use a quick dry topcoat like Out the Door? I literally would have no chance at smudge free nails without it. I don't have the time - or the patience! LOL - to watch paint dry! ;)

This set of four mini polishes retails for $29. Would I pay $7.25 for this bottle? Uh, no. I could get comparable or better results from a full size $1-$2 drugstore bottle. This manicure gets a D, the only reason it doesn't get an F is because I like the color so much!

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