Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer fun with kids in Louisville!

School is out! Yay!!! I am SO excited to have the girls home for a couple of months!! As time continues to fly by, I appreciate my time with them more and more! <3

This summer we will do all of the usual things in Louisville, KY, including:

Louisville Zoo: so excited to see the baby zebra!! So sorry to think that this will probably be the last year my two are interested in the splash park. Boo :(

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari: the girls are finally both tall enough that we can all ride EVERYTHING, including The Voyage, voted the #1 wooden coaster for the 5th year in a row!! Nice!!

Kentucky Science Center: always a favorite destination!

We will be doing the free Summer Reading Program offered through the awesome public libraries again. Have you done this?? It kicks off June 1st and it's so great! Once they fill out their reading log, the kiddos get a goody bag filled with lots of fun free admissions to local attractions, etc.! My girls love doing this each year!

And we will spend tons of time at the pool and at gymnastics, cheer and dance classes. I'll drag my husband to at least one minor league game at the awesome Slugger Field (how can he hate baseball SO much??) and we might make another trip to creepy Dinosaur World. But what else??

Some things we've never done that I want to try include: Bernheim ForestMy Old Kentucky Home State Park and Kentucky Down Under. What do you love to do in the summer that we haven't tried?? Anything else fabulous that we are missing out on??


  1. Ok....Bernheim is a MUST, can't believe your fam hasn't been there! It is not that far of a drive and it is magnificient. Go often! Also the Planteriam at UofL is a really cool place to go as well. That's all the came to mind right of thw top. ;) xo

    1. Oh, B and I have giggled our way through the planetarium before, it was sparsely populated and we thought we were the only people in there who weren't under the influence of something! I think it was Pink Floyd night unfortunately... Hahaha! The girls would LOVE it though. We totally should do that. And, I know, I know, we've GOT to get to the Forest!!!

  2. If you go to My Old Kentucky Home, also check out the old jail in town and get the tour (kitsch but fun anyway). That is a hoot and the lady that runs it is part of the spectacle- kind of creepy but I don't think it is intentional. Tom and Piper love Bardstown and have had lots of daddy-daughter adventures there.

    They also love the Falls of the Ohio interpretative center and park.

    We just discovered the Oldham County Arts Center. With lots of day camps, Piper is signed up for three of them. Letting her have some creative time this summer. Heard lots of great stuff about the day camps at Stage One but they are all sold out already!

    We are going to check out the new American Girl store that opens June 22 near Columbus, OH. Thought that might be a fun day trip and incentive for completing the math pages I want her to do this summer! We are also taking her to Shaker Village, which she has never seen even though we talked about going a million times last year, and Ft Harrod, which we have never seen with the re-enactors (we went off-season to tie in with something they were learning in history at school).

    We have never been to Frazier Museum, but they just opened an exhibit on mythic creatures so that's on our list.

    I am kind of with your husband on baseball-- too bad they don't turn Slugger Field into an amphitheater but that's probably un-American to suggest so don't tell anyone I said so.

    Happy summer!

    1. Awesome!!

      We've never been to the Frazier Museum, either, I always forget about it somehow. Seems like a place that would have been good for a field trip, no? Haha ;) that exhibit sounds good! I will definitely check that out. And I love the old jail suggestion, too! We are definitely making a day out of that trip.

      We've got a running wish list for AG around here, so that trip just might make the cut, too! And I'll have to check out OCAC, thats new to me! Thanks for all the great ideas!! :)