Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday iPhone Photo Dump

Whew.... what a week. Today I'm linking up with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom to clear out the week's photos. Again, I'll be sharing but not deleting most of them.... Haha!

The main focus of this week has been my 9 year old Dylan's surgery on Wednesday. Argh.... the stress. She was born with cleft lip/palate and this was her 4th procedure as a result of that. It's been more stressful than the others because she was just so much older and more AWARE this time, you know? Here's the before and afters from her visit last fall and one of angel face on the loopy meds before they took her back. This surgery was to perform a bone graft from her hip to replace missing facial bone. I'm working on a post about the miracles involved in these procedures and am excited to share her progress over the years. She is SUCH a strong and awesome kid. We are so proud of her and love her to pieces!!

This week also saw our final recital of the year, Dylan's solo voice performance. She sang "Part of Your World" and just absolutely killed it again! Isn't our loose interpretation of Ariel for her costume cute?? So proud!

The continued awesome weather around here provided lots of nature opportunities! Ma and Pa have been here all week which has meant marshmallow roasts on the deck each night! We've had a tent out there most of the week, too, and the girls and Papa camped out one night - using the word "camp" loosely - there was an air mattress involved and the deck is 20 feet off the ground, so animals and creepers are at a minimum! I don't know if there's any happier sound than two girls giggling their heads off in a tent with their daddy! :)

We also had some continued success with our caterpillar habitats, with another fatty moth hatching. This has been SO much fun for all of us - but a little weird for people who see the poop filled habitats in our kitchen for the first time! Haha! We finally figured out the secret to success - find where the caterpillars came from, see what they are eating, and use that the replenish their habitats each day! It's been awesome! And we also got some quality playing time in with a snake that Papi caught - girls loved it and hated to let it go! Only in Kentucky?? Lolz!

On a parting note, will somebody please make me this Louboutin cake for my bday next month?? Thanks so much! Smooches! ;)


  1. Another great post! You're quite a natural! So glad Dylan is doing so good and amazing to see how far she's come since birth. She's blessed to have you and Bryan as her parents because she has never missed n ounce of love! Great parenting! Love ya!

    1. Thank you!! We are the ones blessed to have HER! :)

  2. Dylan's surgery definitely is miraculous! I tell my kid all the time she is so fortunate to be alive at this time and in this place for so many reasons. I bet you tell yours the same thing!

    Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the recital dress!

  3. Thanks!! And we tell our kids how lucky they are ALL the time, for a million reasons!! ;)