Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday iPhone photo dump

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Today I'm linking up again with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for the weekly photo dump! This weekly post has gotten me to work more with my pictures... still hasn't gotten me to delete many of them! LOL!

It's a holiday week! WahOoooo!! 

Like everyone, this meant lots of time spent with family and friends! We made the trek across Missouri to attend a family reunion, creating a couple of nights mini-vacay in St. Louis along the way! I count STL as one of my hometowns and lived there for 3 years of law school, so it's always fun to play tour guide and hometown tourist at the same time!! 

Room with a view! :)

Beautiful country!

Part of the fireworks chaos! 

Feeding the goats at Grant's Farm :)

Hubs and I celebrated our 12th anniversary this week, which always makes me think of this picture, which is my favorite of our wedding day! :)

St. John, USVI

My most exciting shopping adventure of the week came from a visit to the Gilt pop-up warehouse clearance sale here in Louisville. Working on a post on my treasures... OMG. It was so so fun!! 

My pics are all so blurry! My hands were obviously shaking! LOL!

And the week included a trip to Varanese on a night out! Working on that post, too - lots of work to do!! LOL! 

Nom nom nom

Excited to see how everyone has spent their holiday!! Here's a parting heel stretch and duck face from the gymnast... peace! ;)


  1. I seriously vote for y'all to have your own reality show! I loooove reading all of your experiences!