Monday, July 8, 2013

Shopping Review: Gilt Pop-up Clearance Store!

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Omg the EXCITEMENT when I got a mailer informing me of this sale!! The Gilt facilities are located just outside of Louisville and they have set up a one month pop-up clearance sale to clear out all the random stuff! Are you a fan of Gilt?? They run short sample type sales on a members only website and sell all kinds of designer stuff for MAJOR discounts. Seriously. Everything from Havaianas flip flops to Oscar de la Renta couture has been on there. I couldn't WAIT to see what I could find on this treasure hunt!!

The store is located at 4600 Shelbyville Road in Louisville, KY. It's in the old Barnes & Noble building in the same St. Matthews shopping center where Trader Joe's and the Nike Factory Store are located. IT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and, according to the mailer, it will be open until July 28th. 

So many of my pictures are blurry because I think my hands were shaking the entire time! LOL! The place is packed with stuff but is super organized and very thoroughly staffed. I had so many people help me throughout my shopping trip! There are sections of women's apparel, men's apparel, baby and children's apparel and shoes, mens and women's shoes, mens and women's accessories and lots of home goods. There were a few random pieces of furniture but that stuff had been mostly picked over by the time I got there. 

I was so pleasantly surprised to find that, unlike other huge sample pop-up type sales, they actually had restrooms and fitting rooms! The dressing "rooms" were curtained areas that were HUGE and actually really fun in an industrial kind of way that felt super "fashiony" to me! 

There's lots of FAB on that rack!! 

There were some random finds that made me laugh and a few high end pieces that weren't my size that made me sad to leave them!

Uh... this fashion camo is not NEARLY
ironic enough to wear in Kentucky! LOL

Silky pimp tux inspired blazer

This poor Valentino... still had $6k tags on it,
so sad and crumpled and unloved :(

Gorgeous Missoni pumps for $120! Too big :(

This pretty wedding dress, so sad and in need of love, too...

Now... what did I wind up buying??? A whole bag of goodies for a total price of $255!! Here's what I got along with their original retail prices!

Ali Ro Pucci inspired dress - $220

Diane von Furstenberg tunic - $225

Marker snowsuits, $99 each, sizes 5 & 6.
I'm delusional, thought my girls could wear these, they can't.
The youngest can't wear the biggest! These are going to be sold on
eBay for half of retail, if you are interested in them! :(

Winter Kate dress - $395

Crocs - $35, $30

Fabulous Stationery notecards - $22 (these were $2!!)

Left Bank Babies double layer softest pants ever - $52

Da-Nang Kids embroidered pants - $116
Best Society dress - $99
Furry & Friends coat - $40 (she HATES it!! LOL!)

Furry & Friends faux fur coat - $40

So my haul after tax would have been $1,560! I saved over 80% and LOVE everything I got!! I heard talk of new stuff being put out each day.... Glad I don't live close enough to go every day! LOL! If you get a chance to go, let me know what you find!! :)

** post contains my referral link for Gilt! I've gotten so many great things over the years! Hope you find some stuff you LOVE!!! 


  1. Um... FYI.. I wear a 10 in shoes and can squeeze in a 9.5!!! Loooove those Missoni's!!!! LOLOLOL! I am totally going to visit this joint!

    1. Oh, they had tons of stuff in all sizes... and tons of people in there trying to fit all kinds of stuff they weren't meant to (me included!! LOL!)