Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nails of the Week! Me + the Girls! :)

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This week is going to involve some traveling! The girls to Arkansas to stay with their family there, me to the fabulous Bahamas! So we had to get nails done early. The girls got a little creative with theirs, so I wanted to include them this week, too!

Pepper did a three-layer effect on her nails. So cute, and she's getting neater and neater, yeah?? Here's hers and what she used:

Salon Hanson Complete Manicure, Back to the Fuschia (the obsession continues)
Rimmel 60 Seconds, Green with Envy
Chanel Nail Color, Black Satin
Out the Door to dry! 

Dylan did "Moo Moo cows" on hers! Pretty cute! The kid has such a steady hand, really! Maybe she's going to be in the medical field like Papa one day! ;) Here's hers and what she used:

Why are feet are so gross?? LOL

Julep, Bunny (June Maven box)
Chanel Nail Color, Black Satin
Out the Door to dry

I painted my toes a crazy shade of pepto pink that will be perfect in the sand and my fingers the awesome seashell color from the July Julep box! Beach here I come!! (no toe pic... gah I hate feet! LOL!). Here's mine:

Out the Door to dry
Julep Karen, July Maven box
Skylark, B-days in Cabo, Blush Beauty May box

Are you doing anything special with your nails this week? Got any fun plans for the week? Our nails are all summery and ready for adventure!! Yay!! 

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