Friday, July 19, 2013

Nails of the Week - HOT MESS! Hahahahaha

OMG. This week has been nuts, with getting back from Mexico, horse camp every day, on and on and on. I am definitely over-tired and not thinking straight. I finally did my nails at about 10:30 last night and, OMG, when I looked at them/the pics this morning, they are a MESS. Seriously. It has cracked me up this morning so I thought I'd share them anyways! LOL!

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear
Julep Natasha
Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum
Out the Door

I got this new Nicole by OPI polish in my Ipsy bag this week. It's from the Selena Gomez collection and it's so funny because hubs was JUST making fun of me for reading a magazine article with this full-page ad on the opposite page. Imagine a grown man in a sarcastic/sultry voice saying "The shades of Selena Gomez...." Hahahaha. It's actually pretty super gorgeous. I've got it on my toes right now and as accent on fingers (dots applied with the rounded end of a bobby pin). It's a little dark/Fall-ish for middle of July, I think. But still so pretty! 

Seriously? There are whole chunks of nail with NO polish and one
nail with 4 dots? I couldn't even count to 3? hahaha

OMG, I HATE feet, but thought it was funny
what a mess this was. The color is pretty, though! ;)

So, better luck next week! More sleep next week will help, I'm sure!! LOL! Are you doing anything special with your nails for the weekend??


  1. oh I almost put that one last night. I'm having pool issues with my nails. I keep polishing them but its not lasting so I keep replacing. I used the Zoya piaf I got the other month. I think I might add some Julep Paris glitter to it tonight for the weekend. :)

    1. I know.... the POOL. But I've got no complaints about the fact that I get to spend enough time there for nails to be an issue! Haha! Zoya is my fave, too. Best polish for sure!!