Thursday, January 2, 2014

PopSugar Must Haves December 2013 Box Review

YAY!!! It's PopSugar time!! This box and $10/month Ipsy are my two FAVORITE subscription services out there!! If you are thinking of subscribing to a box and aren't sure where to start, I'd suggest you start with one of those two! 

PopSugar always sells out. Sign up now to hopefully get the January box! PopSugar is $40/month and gets a little cheaper with longer commitment. There is a RARE deal right now to save $30 off of a three month subscription - use code 3FOR2 to get three months for only $79.95! Or you can always use code REFER5 to save $5 on your first PopSugar box!

Now, on to December's Must Haves!! 
Here's first looks:

And the breakdown:

Ghiradelli Chocolates, $7 and CC Made Gourmet Corn, $4 - These little chocolates made their way into various Christmas gift bags! My kids are in love with the Peppermint bark! 

MIXT Wrapping Paper, $9 - This is the kind of fancy stuff that I love to give and receive but never seem to spend the money on. Happy to have it! 

Lashxtend Mascara, $20 - Always excited to try new mascaras! Always looking for one to convince me it's worth more than my beloved Maybelline versions! ;)

NCLA Nail Wraps, $16 - These are super cute and I totally meant to use them for Christmas and forgot... what happened to the holidays, anyway?? Blur... So, I'm thinking I'll use them for a University of Louisville event and just do some black "L's" or something over them!

Givino Go Anywhere Flutes, $13 - These are plastic and can be packed for drinks on the go. The girls and I were impressed with the little thumb grooves on the sides! Hey, it's the little things! LOL!

Lulu Frost for Popsugar bracelet, $100 - The opinions on this are mixed but I love it! I thought it was so cool to get a piece uniquely made for PopSugar and I like the art deco/salvage/vintage feel! 

I came up with a value of $169 for this box! Awesome!! I know that people have mixed feeling about the bracelet but I really love it so the box is a huge hit for me! PopSugar consistently gives me great value for my money and I can't wait to see what they send this month! Be sure to use code 3FOR2 to get three months for $79.95 or REFER5 for $5 off your first month if you sign up! 


  1. I'm always interested to read different bloggers' perspective on this December box because I find that most reviews are positive when it's on an actual blog... but not so much when it's in the forums. XD December was my first Popsugar box and I spoiled myself for all its contents before I got it and I have to say I was initially underwhelmed even though I did end up using/gifting/trading all of the items.

    1. I guess I don't expect to LOVE everything every time but I look at it as a fun way to try new things that I would otherwise never know about. I had such great Christmas ideas this year after so many sub boxes in 2013. Lots of "misses" is part of the game but I'm generally happy as long as the value is quite a bit more than what I paid!