Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stitch Fix January 2013 Box Review, Stitch #2

Stitch Fix is a clothing service that sends you a box of pieces selected specifically for you by a stylist. You try everything on at home and mail back the pieces you don't want within three days in a pre-paid mailer. There is a $20 styling fee, which can be used as a credit towards any of the items you want to keep. If you keep nothing, you are out the $20 fee. If you keep everything, you get it all at a 25% discount (and then -$20 for the styling fee).

Stitch Fix has a very extensive questionnaire that covers everything from sizes and body measurements to price points and lifestyle. There is a form for you to review each item received and give your stylist comments and feedback, with the goal of Fix's becoming more and more tailored to your preferences over time! 

I was definitely a little lukewarm about my Stitch Fix #1, but gave them TONS of feedback and was excited to see what I got the second time around! Now, on to what I received in my January Fix! 

Here's first looks:

My first thoughts? OMG... WHERE is all the color and craziness I asked for??? I spent SO much time on my feedback telling them that I like COLOR and SPARKLE and FUN pieces. This box is definitely not that. I mentioned that I wear lots of red/black pieces for Louisville sports activities and maybe that's the only comment they listened to??? Even then, first looks make me think that these are the least interesting red and black pieces ever.... Ok. But you HAVE to try them on. That's part of the process! So on to the individual pieces.

Daniel Rainn Bilson Silk Pleat Tabsleeve Blouse, $78

Sorry for the red jeans with burgundy on top, that's just what I happened to be wearing! LOL! This top... OMG. Seriously. I thought I looked pregnant in it in the mirror and, looking at the picture above, it definitely looks like maternity wear. There could easily be a 6 month preggo belly in there. So unflattering and ridiculous. Fail.

41Hawthorn Elora Silk Button Down Collared Blouse, $78
Kut From the Kloth Miranda Houndstooth Flocked Skinny Pant, $68

Another burgundy silk blouse?? Really?? So weird. This one was the right size on the label but was enormous on. And just really doesn't look like anything special. Maybe if I wore suits on the regular??? But I don't. And my profile makes that clear. So who knows. And the 41Hawthorne brand? I'm wondering if this is their house brand or something? 

These pants.... okay. I know I'm sounding so negative, but these things were horrible. The houndstooth print might have been a fun alternative to jeans in theory but these were awful, thick, stiff, velvet-like material. Seriously. Like velvet. And the fit was terrible. You can't tell from the photo, but the crotch was really long. Like, I literally could grab inches of fabric hanging down there. That in combination with skinny leg pants??? Not good. Fit and fabric comparable to what I'd expect from someplace like Kmart. Seriously.

Ravel Kevella Cross-Front Lace Detailed Top, $28 

Ok.... I was excited about the price of this one and was hoping I loved it! With the $20 styling fee I had already paid, it would only cost $8 to keep it. Then.... I put it on. WTF. The crossing drapey pieces in the front are soooo blousy and weird. I seriously looked pregnant again. See me cupping my baby in the second picture??? LOL! At this point the girls and I were all having a good laugh at these clothes. They thought the huge crotch on the pants was hilarious and were just totally confused by this third shirt with belly issues. My seven year old kept saying "Do they think you're pregnant????" OMG. Fail.

Mystree Portia Faux Suede Detailed Cardigan,  $58

Well... it's completely unexciting, but this is something that I will wear a lot. The faux leather detail on shoulders is nice and the fabric is super soft. 

So, I kept the cardigan, one piece out of five. If I had kept everything, my total cost, after the 25% discount, would have been $237.50. The quality, fit and innovation of this box was severley lacking. No way I would have gone out and paid $237.50 for this haul. It would have been arguably overpriced at half that. I wouldn't have bought the cardigan for $58 if I had seen it while shopping but I hated to lose the $20 fee I had paid by not keeping anything. 

I was totally disappointed by this box and didn't feel like they used to my feedback at all. If I get another offer to try Stitch Fix without paying the styling fee, I'll give it another shot. If not, I think I'll keep my $20 and just shop for myself.


  1. LOL! Wow... I was really hoping those houndstooth skinny pants would have worked out, they look so cute! Buuut, I guess not! I do like how the piece you chose has leather on the shoulders. I have a box coming later this month, can't wait! I've had pretty good luck with mine.

    1. I'm excited to see what you get! Hopefully it's more fun than this hot mess of a box! LOL!

  2. LOL what an experience! I'm always apprehensive about clothing subscriptions because you never know what you'll love and what you'll hate. Hopefully your next clothing subscription will be more toward your style! The cardigan is really amazing though. :)

    1. Thanks! I'm happy with it, just not WOWED by it. The great thing about this subscription is that you can easily send it all back if it's a major fail! LOL!

  3. OMG WHAT A TERRIBLE FIX. I was so excited when I started reading it because I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE AWESOME because I knew you gave them tons of feedback on your last one.


  4. This idea sounds really cool in theory but obviously they picked totally wrong

    1. Girl.... SUCH a fun idea, and I love the thought of having things that nobody else has, but what a HOT MESS this was! LOL!

  5. oh no! that's totally the worst. and to send you two things that are so similar seems so weird to me... oh well, plenty of other clothing subs to try. ;)

    jenn @ hello, rigby!

    1. Right??? Who on earth wants two burgundy silk shirts??? So weird... Let me know if there's a clothing sub that you love!!