Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fancy Pants Food December 2013 Box Review

I've taken my time on this review because Fancy Pants Food is no more! They sent out an email in December that announced the end of the company. It seems like so many subscription box services come and go, you know?? I thought I'd go on and do the review for this December box, just for future reference on food boxes. This niche in particular seems to me to really have a hard time with consistency and sustainability.... 

Fancy Pants Food was a food subscription service that delivered a monthly box of 5-8 trial size products. The products were "amazing food that you've probably never heard about" for a cost of $10/month. My first box was slow to arrive but I was expecting the second one around the end of the month in December and received it with no delays. 

Here's first looks:

And the breakdown:

Halfpops Popcorn Snack, $1.50
Chia Shots Chia Seeds, $1

Brix Chocolate, $1 - These are a fun concept! You use little bites to do tastings with wine! 

JimmyBar, $2.50 - These are made in Chicago and are gluten and dairy free. Only 180 calories and no artificial ingredients, sounds like a great and easy snack!

TeeChia Cereal, $1.70 - This definitely looked way too healthy for me but the hubs enjoyed it! LOL!

So I came up with a total value of $7.70 for this box. The value was less than the cost of the box for the second month in a row. I try to give a subscription a few months before I really make a judgement on it but I'm afraid I would have been headed towards canceling this one after this second low value box even if the company hadn't tanked. I love the idea of food/snack subscriptions but I feel like I have a hard time finding one with the value I expect when spending my money on a box filled with things someone else is picking!


  1. I think food subscription boxes are usually a hit or miss with the value unless you receive something that's hard to find/regional or you end up getting something you fall in love with! If you're willing to shell out $39/month, I think that Fancy Food Box is a pretty awesome choice from the reviews I've seen. :)

    1. You know, the thing about Fancy is that, after paying shipping, it's getting close to $50 and it seems like the value is usually only around $80 or so (and that's using full MSRP). Occasionally it seems to contain some things we would use and love, but I can get a lot of groceries for $50! Haha!