Tuesday, January 14, 2014

December 2013 Empties

Took me a little while to get to my empties this month but finally, here we go! 

Each month I save up things that the fam and I have completely used up and finished. We have tons of new and partially used goodies around our home and I started this project to motivate me to try some new things. It's so easy to just reach for the same thing again and again, you know?? It's actually been really fun and I hope you enjoy this monthly peek "behind the scenes," too! 

I include bath and body products - except things that are obviously too TMI! haha! - and some household things that I feel strongly enough about to share! Let's see what we got into in December!!

Bath & Shower Stuff
1. Library of Flowers The Forest Bubble Bath - this stuff.... OMG. So good! I received this in my PopSugar Fall Style 2013 box and it's huge - 32 ounces. I was never going to get to it as a bubble bath so I used it as a daily shower gel. The smell is woodsy and kind of manly and the stuff is so moisturizing and luxurious. It was truly fab and I loved every last drop of it! 

2. Mr. Bubble 3 in 1 Bubble Bath - I had forgotten all about Mr. Bubble! I loved this stuff as a kid! I got this sample in a Pinch Me box of freebies and it was plenty for a foamy bubble bath for the girls. They loved it! 

3. LUSH Karma Bubble Bar and Bath Melt - I ended the month of December with a killer cold (missed New Year's and everything!) and super hot baths were heaven. The Karma scent from LUSH has long been my favorite and the Karma bath melt has the added fun of leaving tons of super fine gold glitter everywhere! Love.

4. Raw Minerals Sport Fix Soap - I bought this for the hubby in the Birchbox shop with points. He was excited to try it and it's black, due to carbon content?, which is fun. He never gives me feedback so I'm assuming it's fine. I'm personally not a big fan of the black stuff it's leaving all over the shower! 

Stuff the Girls Used
5. Flintstones & Disney Vitamins - Kroger keeps giving me vitamins for free and I keep taking them! :) No problems with any of these, the girls wolfed them right down. The sour Flintstones vitamins are their favorites!

6. Travel Samples:

- Lanvin Orange Ambre Shower Gel - I still have a small stash of these Lanvin toiletries from a hotel stay in Beverly Hills. So posh! 
- Disney H2O Shampoo & Conditioner - the girls love the mouse!
- Spa Terre Coconut Mango Shampoo and Body Wash - We picked these up at our hotel stay in Ft. Lauderdale and they are truly fab! I would buy this entire line in a heartbeat!

7. Aim Kids Bubble Berry Toothpaste - This stuff is dirt cheap and is the girls' favorite! 

Body Stuff
8. Bath & Body Works Shea Cashmere Hand Cream - I don't know that this stuff is uber moisturizing but I would buy it again based on the scent alone. It's a heavenly version of shea butter that smells good enough to eat!

9. Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream - The ginger scent is to die for, the moisturizing is unfortunately lacking. Le sigh.

10. Julep Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting - This stuff wasn't the most moisturizing but it was fun! The smell is so happy and bright and the consistency is just like rich frosting! 

11. Infinity Sun Glow on the Go - I received this self tanner in the FabFitFun Summer 2013 box and it is pretty much perfect. It was so easy to pack on our November cruise and the color is so uniform and natural. This small 3 ounce can lasted a long time. Huge fan!

Misc Home Things

12. Bath and Body Works Hot Buttered Rum Candle - Well, I'm officially back on board with the B&BW three wick candles. This one was fabulous and scented a massive space. Love.
13. Wet Ones Travel Pack - How does anybody, mom or otherwise, get by without Wet Ones stashed everywhere??

14. Pac Man Bandages - I keep buying these from the $1 spot at Target! The kids love them and we go through lots of bandaids. I don't mind so much when they are only a dime each! ;)

Face Care
15. Simple Eye Makeup Remover Wipes - I received these wayyyyy back in the Allure Summer Must Haves box and fell in love. Then.... this pack. They were kind of dry and didn't work very well. After multiple awesome packs, this one was definitely a disappointment. I'll try again, though! Hopefully this one was just a rare dud!

16. Elsor Skincare Kit - I received this four step skincare system in the December Birchbox. The cleanser and the mask were nice. The lotion wasn't hydrating enough for my parched winter skin. The scrub was not my favorite. You have to mix it with a few drops of water to kind of liquify it for use. Then I did that, it seemed kind of runny overall with huge chunks in it? My overall impression of the line is definitely higher end and luxurious and I would be happy to have more of the cleanser or mask!

17. Pacifica Alight BB Cream - This stuff was.... Fine. I like that it's layerable for more coverage (most BB/CC creams are) but I was unable to figure out if it contains SPF? Since I wasn't sure, I had to use SPF as a separate step and wouldn't buy again for that reason.

18. Bare Minerals Mineral Veil - I used up this little powder container on my kiddo to finish her dance performance makeup. I love the idea of using purer products on the kiddos!

19. Maybelline Rocket Volum' Mascara - Nope. Do not buy this!! Nobody's a bigger fan of Maybelline mascaras than me, I've sworn by them since I was a kid. But this stuff??? It literally made my lashes fall out. There were nights I had 5 or 6 lashes on my remover pad!!!!! Crazy.

20. Juice Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer - This stuff was not nearly as intense as I need a winter moisturizer to be. I think I was definitely expecting it to be as good at the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular line but it definitely didn't seem as nice. 

Hair Stuff
21. Pantene Beautiful Lengths Conditioner x 2 - I've said it before, but I keep coming back to Pantene products, no matter what I try at any price point. This Beautiful Lengths line is the only stuff that has ever prompted the "your hair has gotten SO LONG!" comment from my hairstylist. The girls use it, too!

22. Aveda Rosemary Mint Conditioner - I think this might actually be the end of the Aveda goodies I stockpiled last summer on a trip to Cancun :(

23. TreSemme' Platinum Strength Heat Protect Spray - I'm kind of obsessive about protective sprays. This one seemed to work just fine at a fraction of the price of salon brands.

24. Philip B. Maui Wowie - Ok, ok, I'm finally sold on surf spray. This stuff was amazing for my curly hair - I could air dry and come away with tons of volume and perfectly defined but not TOO neat curls. Another hit from the FabFitFun Summer box. Love.

What do you think?? Do you see anything you love on this list?? I'm so nosy by nature and I'd LOVE to see your empties! I'm going to attach a monthly linkup, if anyone else wants to play along! Grab a bag and start saving them up! You might just be surprised at how much - or how little - you actually consume!! 


  1. Ok, I saved my empties in Vermont. And then I forgot about it. I used up some face cleanser wipes, some shampoo + conditioner, some serums, face creams, hand lotions, and i think that's it. And 2 big candles. I did pretty much decide that I for sure recycle without thinking about it (NOT a bad thing) but I'll try again next month. I don't use up a whole lot because we have sets of products everywhere and I don't try to just use up one thing - I use whatever I feel like.

    1. I feel like you're teasing me!! Show me show me!! LOL

    2. I forgot to take a picture. I saved everything and then we left. LOL. I am terrible. I don't think I've used up anything since we got here. I need a better system of stuff to get rid of and stuff to actually use up. What I really need is a massive blogger yardsale, but we live in an apartment, and there are NO community yardsales here!