Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Bulu Box Review

Ugh. I don't know what it is with me and Bulu, it's like we got off to a bad start and I just can't change the vibe. I've had this box for a while and am finally forcing myself to write it up. I think the main problem is that it's out of the realm of my natural interests! Haha!

So Bulu comes in several versions, this is the regular version. It costs $10/month but I bought a 3 month deal a while back for like $19 I think. Last month I was kind of in shock at how little was in the box. This month definitely has higher value and has things that the hubs will use, which was my point of subscribing all along!

Here's first looks:

This box celebrates Bulu's birthday so they put points worth $5 in each subscribers account. I'll use this to buy some form of protein in their store for hubs, im sure! Good start! 

And the breakdown! Most of this stuff is supplements, etc., and hubs doesn't give me much feedback on it, so I'm just going to do a basic listing!

Shapeology Burn Blend ($10)

Eat Green Tea


Power Ice freezable electrolyte replacement ($1.50)

Power Fuel formula 52 supplement ($1)

Thera-gesic sample

GU Chomps energy chews sample ($1.50)

So the value was definitely over $10, especially including the $5 account credit. All of the supplements definitely aren't my thing, but the hubs is enjoying trying something new! 

What do you think of Bulu? Do you subscribe to it? I also get Klutchclub and it's definitely more interesting to me personally but hubs likes them both. If you'd like to try Bulu, please use my referral link and use code FIRSTFREE or DISCOVER to get your first box FREE!

** this post contains referral links! thanks for using them, doll face! ;)  


  1. I was really disappointed with my Bulu Box last month as well.

  2. i had that deal and i was happy with it because i got 3 boxes of xyloburst gum. but i'm not subscribing again. one can only use so much and i don't want to be ridiculous.

    my husband does the same thing. he says yeah, i got the box. no feedback whatsoever. that's husbands.