Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Exercising at home! Get your sweat on!!

Ah.... at home exercise. All the benefits without having to drive to the gym and sweat with/in front of strangers. But the main problem remains, if you don't like it, you aren't going to do it. Or maybe that's just me? LOL! I definitely need a workout to either be fun (doesn't feel like exercise) or simple enough that I can multitask (iPad on the elliptical).

I was a Reebok step aerobics fanatic back in the day. Anyone else? My knees have always been an issue, so that was probably not the best choice, but I definitely thought it was fun! I never had a nice step box, though, I had a super slippery plastic cube thing that added that extra element of challenge and danger! The fact that I can't find a picture of one anywhere tells me that they probably led to lots of injuries and lawsuits! Haha!

This outfit... OMG.
I thought this guy was hilarious back in the day, and now, even more so! LOL!
Not sure why he came up on my search, but he made me laugh!

I also was all about some Billy Blanks Tae Bo for a LONG time. I've always loved Billy. He always seems so POSITIVE and encouraging and nice. Like we'd be friends in real life. He's like, "It's okay, just do your best!" I definitely don't want my DVDs yelling at me and being mean to me like the hubby's P90X, etc., who are more like "THAT'S SO WEAK YOU LOSER!! DO 50 MORE PUSH UPS!!" Okay, maybe not EXACTLY like that, but definitely not my style!

So nice! Thumbs up! You can do it!! 
He's definitely always been good for some questionable outfits! LOL!

When Billy put out Boot Camp, I got into that, too. It did a lot with the resistance bands, though, and I could feel my arms bulking up some, so I ditched the bands and did it just for cardio. But he still seemed SO nice, like "Hey, it took you 9 months to put on the baby weight, give yourself at least 9 months to take it off! You got this, Mama!" 

Um.... Pretty close to a wardrobe malfunction, Billy! LOL!

This outfit.... It.... Matches?? Haha

Not too long ago I went through a major phase with this goofy 10 minute Hip Hop DVD, too. I picked it up at Target on a whim and it was actually really fun! 

Idk what this is that came up in my search, but I'm feeling like anything this teacher could do, I could do! LOL!

Ok, ok, let's skip to the present a little bit. There are a few programs I've been loving recently. The one that my family gets the most LOLz out of is Shaun T's Rockin' Body. I bought this one on a Groupon deal and it's seriously fun. For real. And goofy as all get out. You can't have any shame and do this one in front of ANYBODY! Haha!! It's been interesting for the hubs to see this side of Shaun T. The dude is a famous choreographer, so this is definitely more his natural personality I would think, but it's a whole different side than the super tough guy in the Insanity videos!!


It's a dance party!

Not sure why it turned up in the search, but how cute is this??

I also rotate in some Brooklyn Decker yoga every once in a while.

I wish I could do yoga on a NYC rooftop every day!

So what do you love? What have you loved in the past? One thing I could never get into was pilates, I definitely need to be more active than that! Have you tried something lately that is new and exciting?? Do share!! 


  1. I am doing the Tapout XT workout right now with my fiance', and oh my goodness, now that is a great workout. Lets hope I survive, haha.

    1. Oh my... That one definitely sounds like one where people might yell at you... Good luck!! Lol!

  2. I've got a lot of advice on this subject! My absolute personal favorite is the p90x series, both 1 and 2. Plenty of warm-up and stretch time, plus a great workout. Gotta love Tony Horton. Insanity is insane. Unless you are trying to actually train for a specific something, it is just kinda too much. I even did Asylum... which was Shaun T's way of saying "screw you" to all 30 bpm resting heart rate nerds that said insanity was too weak. I've known too many people get injured with this workout. Knock on wood, not me =) Les Mills Combat was my most recent accomplishment. It was a martial arts inspired workout and it was fun, but not overly challenging compared to others I've done. Sorry babe, you are going to have to keep doing Rock N Body by yourself. I don't want to know for sure I can do those moves as well as I think I can LOL.

    1. You know you've got those moves, and I know you've got those moves, but our kids might never recover if they ever see it! Lol!!

  3. I have a recumbent bike. It's silent, and I have TV & AC. I have tried to get into exercise videos in the past and it's just not my thing. I do prefer the treadmill but my husband wanted the bike. Since I walk several miles a day commuting (when I'm at home), this made more sense anyways. Plus, it really is totally silent!


    1. Ahhh... AC, a ceiling fan and some good mindless TV, that's exercise at its finest!! Haha!! ;)