Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday iPhone Photo dump

WhoooHoooo! Time again for the weekly photo dump with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom! Let's get to it! 

My photos since last Friday start with Dylan's performance to conclude ballet camp and then the awesome night out hubs and I had at 610 Magnolia (review here). So much fun! So proud of our little dancer and I love date night!! 

This Target jumpsuit... Love it.
Will be included in an upcoming summer outfit post!

The next day after that we were up bright and early for a quick trip to Arkansas to watch my sis-in-law perform in the musical Annie. She was FABULOUS!! We had a super fun family dinner in a private room at a Japanese steak house before the show and the girls got to meet the real life "Sandy" from the production after the show was over!! I love my big crazy family so much and cherish any time we get to spend with them because it's few and far between. It was a short trip but SUCH a great time!!

Road trip!

Hibachi is always so fun! 

This picture... makes my heart hurt.
Makes me realize how short time is... :(

Soooo excited to see this AWESOME goldendoodle in person! 

We've been busy with activities this week but the highlight was definitely the Louisville Zoo! The kids were SO excited to see Emily, the zebra baby, and she came RUNNING when they called her! How adorable is that?? She stayed right up next to the fence until we walked away!

So fun to take friends with us!! 

We love the rhinos! 

How precious is this baby??

So sweet!! 

And last night... OMG. I went to a drag show featuring Raven from RuPaul's Drag race, but that craziness is getting its own post! LOL! And a parting picture from the humongous cat that sits on me to wake me up every morning.... Surely this happens to someone besides me?? Haha! Have a great weekend! :)

Time to GET UPPPPP! :(


  1. OMG my cat does that too. Her preferred spot is right over my head and if there isn't room on the pillow she just lays on my face. She's not a small girl either so needless to say I have to get up. LOL

    Stopping by from the link up.

    1. Makes me feel better!! Mine is often on my face, too!! LOL!

  2. I love going to the zoo! It looks like a lot of fun :) And Hibachi grills are amazing.

    1. I stopped by your blog from the photo dump linkup, too! Love all the pet pics!! :)