Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nails of the week! Yay summer!

I got my polish done early this week! I snuck outside last night during cheer practice and painted nails and listened to talk radio! FUN!! (It really was, though... haha)

Nails this week are Julep Natasha (perfect summery orangey red) with Julep Abbie (neon yellow) for accent. I got this set from the Julep warehouse sale for $5 last week! Score!

Today for the first time I tried the Sally Hansen Dry & Go Drops from the Allure summer beauty box. This bottle comes with a little dropper and the drops are supposed to work like a quick dry top coat (like my favorite Out the Door) with the added benefit of not having to actually touch a brush to still-wet nails. Um... I was super careful for at least 15 minutes after the drops and still somehow wound up with lots of nail smudges. Same for the girls, who used it on their toes. We will try it again, though, maybe better luck next time! It says 1-2 drops per nail and I'm thinking maybe we over-applied??

Lots of smudges and still glitter remnants from last week, but still cute! :)

Super happy with these bright summery colors!! We are in full summer mode around here and these colors were made for the pool!! Are you doing anything fun with your nails this week??

If you'd like to try your first box from Julep for only $4, please use my referral link and the code FREEMAVEN or FREEBOX.  I'm soooooo excited for the red white and blue glitter top coat coming in my July box!! :)

** post contains referral links chica so help a sista out! ;)

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