Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday iPhone photo dump!

Time to link up with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom again for the Friday iPhone photo dump! 

Yay! We are a week past Dylan's surgery and everything is healing up nicely! Less than a week until we can get on with REALLY relaxing and enjoying summer! I have so many things I want to get the girls out and do! We have been overwhelmed with the amount of love and support for this kid and our family! So so blessed and grateful! Big huge XOXOs to each and every one of you!! 

Here's a few of the kid from the start of the week through some days of healing! She's looking more and more like herself each day - it's so nice to see the "4th grade-itis" back in full force! ;)

Week started out rough, Boo was a constant companion! 

First "real" meal, back to feeding herself with a fork! Eek! I couldn't look! 

Fresh air after being cooped up! Yay!

We figured out that Pep is the perfect size "crutch" - and she loved every minute of it! 

Healing up! Yay!! Smiles!! 

Pepper, on the other hand, remains completely full of it! LOL! She started the week off at a birthday pool party and found multiple occasions to continue to ham it up! 

Birthday party diving board. One of a thousand
pics where the kid's a blur! 

Outfit of choice for our pool

The boots always make her kick up her heels! LOL!

Again, a blur.... 

Shortly after declaring that she wants to be a punk rocker/model...

80's night at the cheer gym! Haha!

There are lots of pics of the pets this week, mostly because they have been completely wild. Spring/summer fever?? haha! I love this one of Boo sleeping with Dylan. The girls take turns sleeping with her each night and she wants to be snuggled up as much as humanly possible! 

Absolutely priceless. Essential moments for becoming an awesome adult!

I took this to text to a friend who was in a "fattest cat you know" debate! LOL

Boo and Alex wrestling while I'm taking sub box pictures...

Desperate for attention. Cue Urkel voice "Did I Do THAT??"

As for what I've personally been into this week, I've got lots of pictures of clothes for a post I'm working on about summer outfits and some other random things! 

Fit bit has participated in lots of stress relief but
51 flights of stairs in a day was just goofy!

Been loving this!

Badass cuff sourced from NYC Hell's Kitchen flea market

Stored on my phone until I remember to send it to the friend with two! Lolz

Guy in Jurassic Park that we couldn't stop laughing at because he
looks so much like our neighbor! Haha!

Uh, wut? This was in the weekly coupons in our mailbox...

Yes, I'm the mom who does school reviews in the summer! ;)

So that's about it! Heading to see Tom Petty for the first time tomorrow for date night! Yay! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! :D

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